BEWARE . . . of Paige Michael Summers
[aka: Marty Ray Scott and Patch West]

Review recent custody records below . . . there are more than 31 known victims . . . read their stories and the things he has done to them . . . 

This is a current photo of PMS . . .

He has been telling people that his luggage was stolen, then, his wallet was stolen at a bus station, and that his house burnt down . . .

Yeah right, how is that possible when he never had a house and he was living in jail in 2021 and 2022? The lies continue . . . as he hangs out at a homeless shelter in Oregon in February, 2023.

He has cut his hair and has dyed it white. Looks like he has gained some weight getting 3 squares and a cot.

Update February 10, 2023:

SUMMERS [often booked under his birth name: Marty Ray Scott] was recently released in November 2022 from jail in Hamilton County TN for time served

 Since June 3, 2022 . . .
Summers is supposed to pay restitution after being Convicted! 

After being in jail in Oklahoma since October 26th, 2021, Summers bonded out May 16, 2022. He appeared in court on June 3, 2022 and was CONVICTED when he pled GUILTY to two (2) counts of "misuse of a vehicle" including a bucket truck and Penske rental truck. Be careful, he may be headed to any of his victim's locations. He was released with only the clothes on his back, no vehicle [the one he was driving when arrested in Signal Mountain, TN, he had stolen and sold to two (2) different people in different states for thousands of dollars] and nothing else [Ottis died in November 2021 due to neglect and lack of care for his cancer]. He is required to make measly $150 payments to the court and restitution for the victims.

As usual, Summers has changed his profile name to another alias and he is already trolling for money!

Summers is in Jail in Oklahoma for Stealing 2 Trucks! 

Summers was arrested in 2020 for stealing a Penske box truck from Arizona when he fled the area after he wrecked Victim #22's bucket truck in March 2020 and for stealing a bucket truck from a storage area on the guise of buying it from the owner. [See update section below]  After skipping bond in 2020, Summers was extradited from Tennessee to Oklahoma and has been held awaiting trial in Oklahoma since 10/26/21. The process is moving along slowly and he will not be getting out any time soon.

. . . Special thanks to Signal Mountain Officer Troy who worked on and off the clock to assure that Summers was extradited. It was more work than you can imagine!

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Beware! . . . Paige Summers [aka: Marty Ray Scott] has even more victims just since COVID!


Stolen Car Sold in Chattanooga, TN: It was a shock to the guy who paid Summers $14,500 for the Land Cruiser Summers had been driving since leaving Oklahoma in 2020 when he was pulled over by law enforcement and barely escaped being arrested for being in possession of a stolen vehicle! Sadly, he lost the car and his money!  BTW, he paid for the car so that Ottis could get "emergency surgery" and yet when Summers was captured in Signal Mountain, TN, Ottis had not had any surgery and was in very poor health!

Victims #28
Colorado man pays Summers $2,500 to purchase his wrecked bucket truck and Summers skips town with the money and the bucket truck!
  This victim was scammed after paying the money to a Pay Pal account and never saw Summers or the truck again! When he tried to report it to his local law enforcement agency, he was told to submit a complaint online to a federal agency.

Victim # 24, #25 and #26
Summers leaves Arizona without paying for a Penske Rental Box Truck:
Summers is found with the stolen truck in Oklahoma City, OK area and . . . 
Summers at the same time is caught stealing yet different bucket truck and is arrested in Oklahoma in June 2020. Summers jumps $15,000 bond. Currently Summers is being held in Hamilton County TN jail awaiting extradition to Oklahoma. Plus, the lady who posted bond lost, too!

Victims #29, #30 and #31
Summers steals multiple homeowners tools and other personal property in Chattanooga, TN area:
Summers is found storing multiple homeowners personal property including tools in various locations in the Chattanooga area including a church and houses in which Summers was allegedly doing handyman work.
Summers is also caught living in multiple houses without permission; and trashed the house of Victim #31

Notice: Summers ARRESTED a 2nd time in Hamilton County on 10/1/21

. . . Paige Summers [aka: Marty Ray Scott] was arrested as a fugitive from the state of Oklahoma today for theft of a bucket truck from Logan County and a Penske rental truck from Flagstaff/Phoenix AZ and jumping bond in October of last year. He is now awaiting extradition from Hamilton County to OK without bond. [It happened less than 24 hours from being released on 9/30/21 because Victim #1 had passed away and NC could no longer prosecute him so Summers was not extradited as expected to North Carolina. However, that is NOT a possibility regarding the Oklahoma extradition!

Fun Fact: It was the SAME Signal Mountain Police Department officer who arrested him on 9/17/2021 that arrested him the 2nd time on 10/1/2021. Kudos continue for 
Here is a link to the story about the resources the Signal Mountain PD invested in to help catch criminals. They are truly invested in keeping their community safe! 

Great News re OTTIS!  He has been turned over to a Bulldog Rescue and will not be returned to Summers [aka: Scott] because of the medical condition of Ottis. Best of all, OTTIS is happy and will no longer be able to be used by Summers as a pawn. BEWARE, do not fall for any of Summers' pleas for help as he had more than $6,000 in his possession when he was arrested . . . and yet Ottis was still suffering!

[We will update as we receive more information. Don't be fooled by Summers' smile, he is NOT happy and he knows that this website is what helped get him identified and captured. Special thanks to every person who has shared information with us and helped make it possible for us to stay informed about Summers! It is a total team effort and confidentiality is always priority!]

ARRESTED 9/17/21

. . . Special Thanks to Signal Mountain Police Department for an exceptional job capturing Paige Summers [aka: Marty Ray Scott]! Summers keeps saying it is simply mistaken identity but we all know better . . . as documented on this website! Summers finger prints and identifying numbers place him as Marty Ray Scott which is why
he has been arrested by his original name.

September, 2021, Paige Michael Summers [AKA Marty Ray Scott] has been captured in Signal Mountain, TN and is being held without bond in Hamilton County TN in Chattanooga's inmate system. He was being extradited to North Carolina on felony warrants but now he is being held for extradition to Oklahoma.

OTTIS is being medically cared for and ultimately headed to a loving, safe, forever home. Finally Ottis will be taken care of properly and never used again as Paige's pawn! 

Signal Mountain Police Department and Officer Kennedy Presented Proclamations Signed by Tennessee Governor Lee . . . 

  1. KUDOS TO SIGNAL MOUNTAIN LAW ENFORCEMENT! - So many times, Summers [aka: Scott] has avoided capture and justice because law enforcement was unsuccessful in discovering the truth about Paige Summers [aka: Scott] or who were simply unwilling, unconcerned or otherwise focused on other things and chose not to stop him. The Signal Mountain Police Department may be small in size but they are mighty! To them, it is important to protect their citizens from predators like Summers [aka: Scott]. This law enforcement team will never truly know the relief felt by his many victims and those he has hurt. "Thank you" seems too shallow but it is all we know to say! THANK YOU Signal Mountain Police Department!!!
  2. SADLY, LAW ENFORCEMENT IN OTHER AREAS HAS NOT RISEN TO THE TASK -Summers [aka:Scott] has wormed his way past law enforcement for a long time. Remarkably, just since COVID hit our country in March 2020, he has skipped justice in: Flagstaff where he was in the custody of the State Patrol and Maricopa County ARIZONA (even though the AZ Governor tweeted that "no women would be scammed under his watch" he totally ignored those who contacted his office about Summers]; Lane County OREGON while at the property domiciled by one of his known drug suppliers they let him go; Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA (see below), and the Chattanooga Police Department most recently near Red Bank when he was scamming local business people and driving a vehicle believed to be stolen with expired Nevada plates. Some law enforcement even claimed that "a fool and their money are soon parted" and preferred to do nothing to help women victims who contacted them. Including . . .
  3. JUMPED BOND IN ARIZONA- after being found in possession of handgun as felon, left victim #22 seriously injured and in debt for the bucket truck he wrecked; and then talked victim #23 into posting bond when he was arrested on Chandler, AZ outstanding warrants and never showed up in court. Instead he scammed more people for money on social media and headed east in stolen Penske box truck.
  4. JUMPED BOND IN OKLAHOMA - after stealing the Penske box truck from Tempe, AZ, he stole a bucket truck from a storage facility in Oklahoma City and was arrested for both stolen vehicles. He sweet-talked a woman into posting $15,000 bond and then jumped bond and went to Oregon. Also, at some yet confirmable point he obtained a Toyota Land Cruiser in Oklahoma bearing expired Nevada plates; after which we were contacted by a guy in Oregon complaining he had paid Summers $1,000 downpayment to purchase the car for which he could not produce a title of ownership. Recently, in Chattanooga, he alleges that he sold that same vehicle to a guy from Alabama who supposedly wrote him a bad check. Of course, we don't believe that story for minute and would appreciate any information as to the whereabouts of the vehicle.
  5. SPECIAL THANKS TO THOSE WHO HAVE REACHED OUT VIA THE WEBSITE - to help keep us informed and have told us he was arrested! It is a team effort that has expanded nationwide since launching this website and there are many times since then that he has been slowed down from scamming others through social media and good people doing the right thing to keep the victims and potential victims informed! But, truth be told, most people reached out to us because of their concern for Ottis' welfare! Thankfully, Ottis is finally going to be well cared for! 

The Truth About Paige Summers

What you are about to discover is that your answer to "whether or not you know the truth about this man" is really . . .  NO!

23 Victims have fallen prey to his con
that we know of at this time

We don't want YOU or someone you know to be the next victim!

The 23 Victims

Women Across The Country

These are actual women's short stories about their encounters with whom you may know as Paige Michael Summers including the financial losses and emotional and physical damages they have sustained throughout the years because of his actions in each of the victim's lives. 
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The Proof Exposed

Warrants / Stolen Property / Acts

Public records, incident reports, stolen items, internet sites posting stolen items for sale, dating sites, social media, texts and other inside information provided by Paige Michael Summers himself and others to many of the victims.
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For The Love Of Ottis

Ottis as a Pawn / Meal Ticket

Everyone loves Ottis! The bulldog Paige Michael Summers actually stole from his former girlfriend and owner as a young dog.  Ottis has been used as a pawn to con the help of many people through go-fund-me-type fundraisers and social media.
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Two Bucket Trucks

The Truth About the Flagstaff Bucket Trucks Accident on 2/29/20

The accident did NOT include a hit-and-run, and Paige was not the only passenger . . . he had Victim #22 with him and intentionally delayed medical assistance for her as she was bleeding internally and begging for an ambulance!
She bought the truck and he caused the accident.
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The story he tells to his victims

The CON Extraordinaire

Staying on the run and FREE is Paige's ploy. The reason this guy keeps getting away with all his lies and stories and avoiding paying the price is because it is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled; until they become a victim. 
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Paige has a Son!

Paige's Son Was Born in Albany, Texas in 1982

Paige denies having any children or being married; both of which are a lie! He has been married multiple times had this sweet little guy by his first wife and then intentionally caused his second wife (Victim #3)
to have a miscarriage with physical force.
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The "Scientologist Cult" and "Miss Susan, the Leader"

This non-existent "cult" took all of Paige's property including his home, his tools, his trucks, his vehicles, his assets.
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The Reovery Ranch

The Recovery Ranch in Washington

The non-profit investment company that took away Paige's ranch property and his business dream and cost him thousands of dollars and a lost business.
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Paige Summers

Who is
Paige Michael Summers
fka: Marty Ray Scott

What is the truth about his stories about his family and life experiences? You will be amazed.
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BEWARE LADIES, PMS HAS NOW INVADED TikTok after virtually abandoning Facebook: 

His page ID is: user2252408534955

He sometimes goes by: thelonelyestcowboypart1

Click the TikTok logo
 to view some of the videos PMS is posting that are typical of his "stories" and other ploys that he uses to play on the sympathy of good-hearted women.  He will ask for "help" in the form of "work" or "buying" something he has for sale [which most of the time has been taken from another person who has "helped" him]. Like in the video above, PMS will act as if he only cares about God and goodness; yet, look at this site and you can see The Truth About Paige Summers.  [If you know anything about the signs of a liar, watch how many times he looks away from the camera.Don't be his next victim. Email us if you have any questions or if you know where he is physically located as there are people trying to recover stolen property, serve him with orders of protection [yes, he is violent and a stalker, too] and other legal paperwork.

PMS Still Begging

I never stops . . . he has more excuses and requests for help than human services!

Icon's descriptions

It never ends . . .

The video to the right is another example of the continuing "hard times" of Paige Summers. This time he has prepared a bicycle that has an "Ottis" carrier . . .  He must have lost the vehicle he was trying to sell and he did not have a title!

Many ask "Why is Summers not locked up if he is so bad and has done so many things to so many people?

Click here to learn what we have learned and the frustrations many have experienced . . .

What those who have worked with Paige Summers have to say . . . and what they and others have lost.

What Many Victims Truly Want for Paige Summers

. . . even after all he has done to them and all they have lost.

"Repent therefore of this thy wickedness, and pray God, if perhaps the thought of thine heart may be forgiven thee." -Acts 8:22

Consider that when people respond to the conning ways of Paige Summers and solve his problems with free money, PMS will never find himself in a place where he is left with no choice but turn his heart and soul toward God. Nothing will change in his life until PMS changes his life to the person he professes to be, which is only possible with God.  This site was prepared in Christian love and truth.

Each of the victims of Paige Summers admit that they are sinners, too, who have things in their pasts that they would not want others to know; but they are not using those things to con others. If you have ever been a victim, you will understand their desire to help others avoid such loss. Even after all that they have experienced, these victims have a sincere desire that the wickedness they have experienced at the hand of Paige Summers would be washed away with his true repentence . . . NOT the empty fancy words he posts on social media, or the manipulative apologies he spews when he needs something; even years later, calling as if nothing ever happened.

Truth be known, each of them would gladly help PMS get the treatment he desperately needs, and show him Christian love. Victims pray for Paige Summers and for their own healing; even after forgiving him for what he has done to them and the other victims. No victim wants to see the final wrath of God upon Paige Summers head. This site is not to hassle or hurt PMS. It is an act of grace directed to warn and hopefully save women from suffering any part of what these victims have. Sadly, some will appreciate the effort, and others will have to feel the pain to believe. If you want to speak with the victims, please email

"It is joy to the just to do judgment: but destruction shall be to the workers of iniquity."
-Proverbs 21:15 KJV

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"Truth is an absolute defense to libel claims, because one of the elements that must be proven in a defamation suit is falsity of the statement. If a statement is true, it cannot be false, and therefore, there is no prima facie case of defamation."

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