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Why is Paige Summers Not Locked Up?

That is a question we initially wondered ourselves; especially when we have located him numerous times.

  • SUMMERS HAS A SIXTH SENSE - it is almost uncanny. Most of the time, Summers becomes nervous when he picks up on certain comments, texts or posts made by those attempting to help locate him for authorities. The result is that he runs, hides or moves to a different location completely. 
  • SUMMERS DOES NOT REVEAL HIS REAL LOCATION - Very rarely will he actually post or otherwise disclose on social media his REAL location; often saying he is in a different state or location and posting past photos he has taken as "new" proof of him being where he alleges. All the while, Summers is actually somewhere completely different.
  • LAW ENFORCEMENT DOES NOT WANT TO BEAR THE COST - Remarkably, this is totally contrary to everything we have been led to believe that bad guys are caught and held accountable. Sadly, quite a few times, Summer's has been let go because law enforcement did not want to be responsible for keeping him in jail; because Summers has no way to pay back what he takes from his victims and the municipality does not want to pay for his upkeep. Most frustrating is the law enforcement people who have the opinion that, "women should lose the money if they are stupid enough to give it to him"; quoting often the well known saying, "a fool and [his or her] money are often parted. Very frustrating! It should be noted that we have learned many times in the last few years that men have also become victims; but that is more rare.
  • EVEN THOUGH THERE ARE MANY WARRANTS OUT FOR THE ARREST OF SUMMERS - they are not what is described as "extraditable" which means that wherever Summers is found that the municipality which issued the warrant would come a pick him up and take him to jail. Some crimes which may be subject to extradition include murder, kidnapping, drug trafficking, terrorism, rape, sexual assault, burglary, embezzlement, arson, or espionage. Most states will not pay to pick up a criminal for a felony. We have also learned that a county where the warrant was issued will very rarely even go to a neighboring county, let alone another state, to "extradite" someone back to their county to jail for a felony. Unbelievable! Which is why even when we find Summers he often will slip through the system. But we can not stop looking or reporting him, if justice is to be served. He will be found in the right place at the right time, and we all need each other's help.

We still need the help of those who have any information as to Summer's alleged location.

Each time, it has proven very helpful as tidbits of information is acquired and filtered by those of us who monitor this site.

It is because of each of you that Summers has been located often in time to deter others who would have been victims from actually falling prey to Summer's tactics. 

Please read the "text message" to the right so that you will see the frustration we often feel when those we help only think of themselves. Even though most help us at some point, it is a struggle from our perspective to find so many who have been victims who forget that if we were not there to help them, they would not have known the full story. 

Consider as you decide to help us or not:

What if we did what so many others have done, simply worry about ourselves? You would not have found this information.

It takes everyone, or it may never end.

Special thanks to each and every person [victim or family member or friend] who has done what they could to help. No help is ever too small; often it is a small bit of information that saves the next victim . . . 

This is a copy of a text sent to one person who tried to keep their family members from being another victim of Summers:

'We have spent probably 2000 hours of time into collecting victim information and walking back through their pain with them while they relive their life with Summers. A mother who carried a dead child after Summers repeatedly punched her in the stomach until the child died. Then he didn’t allow her to go to the doctor for over a week while she carried that dead baby in her womb. 

Then there’s the lady that Summers apparently loved so dearly that she took his last name, went into business with him and then she figured out Summers was doing meth, stealing co-worker tools, and carousing with other women. Then when she confronted him, Summers took her on a job that he was doing down in Mexico. After he beat the ever-loving crap out of her, Summers tried to sell her into the sex trade. Thankfully the Mexicans Summers was working with didn’t want to buy her and she finally convinced Summers to return to the states. She turned Summers in for kidnapping with intent to traffic. Cops did NOTHING because she got in the car willingly, originally, and it all happened in Mexico. Sorry, tough crap. Sorry your face is beaten to be unrecognizable, but it happened in Mexico. Oh, Summers didn’t pay the taxes for the last few years . . . well you owe the IRS $143,000 cuz the business is in your name; which Summers did on purpose. Then Summers stole her two favorite horses and gave them to the next lady he scammed (the one he got pregnant and killed her baby) and married.

How about the lady Summers was with for 8 years that Summers literally chased down on foot and was beating the crap out her of when the cops showed up? She was so damned scared she took off. Summers later showed up months later at her house and using his bucket truck ran into the side of her house. Oops, the assaults were dropped because they couldn’t reach her from Oklahoma where she was originally assaulted (she’s in AZ) because Summers gave them HIS information . . . which was false . . . and the courts didn’t do anything for her. Then, he’s was so pissed, like I said, Summers goes to her house in AZ a few months later and she ends up pinned up against her house with a 10K pound bucket truck. THEN, "oops, the courts made an error" and marked that she WASN’T hurt and dropped the charges. We discovered this in March, 2020, statute is almost up on this and she STILL can’t get into the courthouse to get the correction made and the felony assault charges reinstated because of the COVID pandemic. Unfortunately they won’t extradite outside of their own police department . . . but will consider it if the county she’s in are the police department that picked him up. Only 5 miles away and they didn’t even get Summers to the right damn jail because another [now his next victim] woman posted his bond . . . way to go Maricopa County, AZ! [even though the Governor of AZ located in Maricopa County tweeted a few weeks prior to the Summers' incident that "no women will become victims in our state!"]

I’ll tell you what, we are warning people for free . . . we do the website, we pay everything out of our own pockets just HOPING we save people from this asshole and then new victims come along and even though after seeing the site, THEY KNOW WHO HE IS!!!; they selfishly decide they just want him to go away. Then Summers talks his way back in. Then he’s in, then out, then in, then here’s some money to go away . . . so Summers stays . . . in the worst way, they want him gone, so he gets away with more and more. People don't seem to care about helping other victims, they just care about their world and getting him away from them.

We spend hours talking, texting, emailing and trying our damndest to tell folks about their keys, their credit cards, bank accounts and warn them that Summers WILL be back . . . and I take a deep breath and thank the good Lord that we just spent so much of our own time and our family members time, but we think we can sleep tonight because we helped someone! And then we get a text like yours today where your mom STILL wants to give Summers money and it is almost absolutely defeating. She is just showing Summers that his manipulations work! He may have to try all his street rat crap tactics to get the money, but SOMETHING will work and folks will give Summers money, sometimes just to go away.

They are relieved because Summers gone . . . and now we get to sit and wait for the next family to contact us in a panic and hope like hell we can help them BEFORE Summers hurts them financially, physically, mentally, etc.

And of course, Summers is now after us because he’s pissed. We're okay with that . . . been through this rodeo before. Rather have Summers screaming at us than some nice, unsuspecting family. But damn, it’s really a bummer that folks like your mom are so worried about Summers and mostly Ottis that they give him $$ anyway.

We could just let Summers continue and warn no one, give no one a person who they can talk to and be given as much help as we possibly can give to them. We do this out of the goodness of our hearts and honestly, anyone giving Summers more than $100 for gas and sending him on his way and standing firm when Summers returns 4 or 5 times and sending him packing, instead of paying him, absolutely negates all the work that we and the other family members have put in to try to protect them. [You]

We are in no way angry with your mom, your family, etc. We have been on the receiving end of Summers wanting money and we have held our ground. Even for us, it is VERY difficult to do, especially with Ottis! However, Summers will continue this pattern because people like your mom give him what he wants.

I am currently under the texting assault of him being suicidal. Obviously something drastic happened . . . which is GREAT. I hope he’s out of your lives forever! I completely forgot to warn everyone about his threats of suicide. He’s been using that for over 40 years! It is completely a BS threat!

Not unloading on you . . . I truly want everyone to know what it’s like to be the ones who keep trying to stop him . . . and Summers gets away . . . A G A I N. You might want to give your relatives some food for thought. Summers doesn’t hurt just his victim(s), he truly leaves a mark on the entire family!

Interesting fact . . . We have NEVER been offered any $$ for warning the families/victims, but without fail, people will be fully in the know and still give HIM $$ every damn time!!! (We don’t accept any $$, BTW . . . my point is no one has ever offered US money for helping them get Summers out of their lives; but they will give $$ to Summers!) Blows our mind!!!!!

K. Done now!!! Let me know if you need any more help! What you have sent will not be put on our website until you give us the okay!!! We don’t want to interfere with any legal action!!! And thanks for “listening” . . . I’m in your corner 100% . . .these women blow my mind!" [Text by a loyal volunteer.]

May God bless each and everyone of us and keep us all safe as we do His will.
Volunteers, Victims and You and your friends and family!