Sadly, OTTIS passed over the Rainbow Bridge in November, 2021 . . .

. . . Ottis spent the last days of his life in a warm loving bulldog rescue home after being taken from Summers  on September 17, 2021 for neglect and gross mistreatment. "He was spoiled and loved in his home for the short time we had him." Thousands of dollars was paid by the Rescue to get Ottis the best possible care and chance of survival from the long ignored tumor by Summers; and as such Ottis was not a candidate for adoption by those who loved him.

The Book

Don't miss the upcoming 2022 copyrighted book:  "For The Love Of Ottis" that tells the story of this awesome bulldog and the victims
Ottis has met along the way. It will inspire and empower women to discover the secrets to acquiring true love in their lives without falling prey to a con!

All money raised by the sale of this book will be used to pay some restitution for the losses sustained by Victims of PMS.
NO proceeds will go to PMS . . . but a party is being planned for Ottis to be reunited with all the Victims he developed puppy-friendships with over the years; who each loved Ottis!

Ottis as a PAWn

Ottis is perhaps the one most single effective PAWn that Paige Summers uses to tug at the heart strings of animal loving people to get money.  Over the years, many women have jumped to come to "Ottis' rescue" because Ottis was sick, hurt, hungry or even facing death because Paige pleads for help for him! Almost everyone will help him "For the Love of Ottis" and many would otherwise never even consider a relationship with him.

Below is a short story of a woman who met Ottis in a Walmart and loved him at first sight. She is a bulldog breeder who knows a special bulldog when she sees one. She was spared becoming a victim; but how that happened is an interesting story which is more fully explained in The Recovery Ranch section of this site. 

Mama "T" (we will call her)  was instantly drawn to Ottis when she was shopping in Walmart near Enumclaw, Washington; and the expressive character with him (Paige Summers) was not your "normal" dude. After chatting outside that day in 2018 with him for a time, Mama "T" learned that they were staying at a nearby campground while "searching for ranch property" he wanted to purchase in the area.  For the next couple of weeks, she (and sometimes her husband, too) would visit Ottis. Once, after meeting a very poor family with kids staying at that campground, Mama "T" brought them food and supplies for a bar-b-que, and had a grand time with them.

Mama "T"s personality is such that a person who claims to be a "Christian" must walk-the-walk before she believes the talk. The character he was had an intriguing aspect and she really wanted to figure it out. More signs were popping up that Paige Summers was not who he led on to be in many ways, and his mood and personality changed often.   

The fact that Ottis was living at a campground, kept Mama "T" coming for visits; and, she heard more stories from Paige Summers that just did not fully add up in her mind. Her husband did not trust him at all; and even less when Mama "T" ran a background check on Paige Summers. To say the least, it was not very good; but she did not have access to the level that put together that Paige Summers was also Marty Ray Scott and that he had served time in multiple prisons. When she told Paige Summers that she had run the background check, he was furious!

He finally got over it and began to ask her to continue to visit. (His reasons were later disclosed.) So, she kept visiting Ottis, and listening to more stories. A big eye-opener for Mama "T" was when he told her that he was a retired U.S Marshal, pulled out a semi-auto gun, and did not even know how to remove the magazine? Plus, no gun "instructor" (which he claimed to be) would have a gun that dirty. She and her husband took it home to clean it.

At one point, Paige Summers had her drive him around the Enumclaw area to help him look for ranch property for sale because he did not want to go with Realtors who did not want Ottis in the car, and driving the big red truck (he said was his) was too cumbersome. Once, Mama "T" had an occasion to ride in the red truck. The fact that he could not drive the manual transmission properly, was hot-rodding and driving over curbs, and had a credit card number, expiration date, and the "code" written down on a legal pad in the front seat, gave her concern. At one point, she snapped a photo of the credit card information to show her husband.

Ultimately, Paige Summers finally revealed that he did not have the means to purchase ranch property and that he had a "business partner" named Ms. Susan. He explained that he had to find the property because Ms. Susan was very busy working in Washington, DC, Tennessee and near Seattle. She later learned that the credit card information was stolen from Ms. Susan.

The moral of the story is that Ottis is the meal ticket of Paige Summers. He posts messages on social media saying "Ottis is starving or gonna die", or that "me and Ottis need a home", or "just please help Ottis" . . . Yet behind the scenes, when someone offers to help so that Ottis can get off of the street and be cared for properly, he blows up.  Once a lady said she would pay PetCo for food (knowing that he was in the parking lot and could pick it up), yet he refused . . . he really just wants money.
See the email chain below that he sent one lady recently who offered to give him money for whatever Paige Summers needed:  

Ottis Dying Again

The text at the right happened in the summer of 2019. It was texted to Victim #6; once again Ottis is dying!  He lied and sent Victim #12 a message once saying that Ottis HAD died!

This video was taken by Victim #23. Paige Summers sent it to Victim #12 telling her he and Ottis were fine after the accident. Then he also texted it to Victim #20 trying to charm her into coming for him and Ottis in Buckeye, AZ saying his shirt was out because he had spleen damage.  Ottis is spunky and well!

And, then he pleads that Ottis can't walk very far, he needs a stroller and was hurt and is in pain from the accident many weeks later?

Sadly, Paige Summers refused medical care and a safehaven for Ottis (after the accident) offered by a woman who runs a Humane Society; even offering to send a transport vehicle for Ottis. She ended up BLOCKING him on her phone and Facebook after his crudeness and him trying to get her to be his new love. (She has a fiance')  

Funny how Paige Summers can walk and talk and con; but he has constant bad luck that causes him not to be able to work, his truck breaks down, he quits his jobs, gets fired for his actions, doesn't tow his truck properly causing an accident, and is always begging for help?

"Now them that are such we command and exhort by our Lord Jesus Christ, that with quietness they work, and eat their own bread."  - 2 Thessalonians 3:12  KJV

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