Let PMS stop by your house as "we travel" from state to state so that you can help us get where we are going along the way. Why is PMS always moving along from state to state? Maybe because PMS can't afford to stay put for long?
Such a hard worker who never has any money, who is always down on his luck and something catastrophic happens so he looses his job? Last employer apparently died of COVID . . . really?    


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Are you a TikTok follower of @paigemichaelsummerspms? BEWARE!
PMS left "Fakebook" after everyone discovered what "TikTok-ers" are now just learning!  :(

PMS Preacher

Using Christ and God to Con

To Con people with God by alleging to be a "Christian" and an "ordained" minister is a blantant form of blasphemy which is a ticket direct to hell and damnation. Using "good deeds" to show trustworthyness is a con.
Don't be fooled by someone who does not quote what the Bible actually says! 

PMS Playing with Women

Gay, Married or Not?

Summers will flaunt his body, tell women that he has never been married, and giggle and grin his way to make women think that "they" could be the one!  All the while . . . getting them to pay for it in one way or another.
"Fun Fact"! 

PMS Selling Stuff at a Fraction of the Value

Why would someone "let go" of expensive vehicles, trailers, tools, and other things so cheap?

People who do not have to work to pay for stuff, do not care if they sell it for pennies on the dollar.  Ever consider how that person actually got the stuff to begin with?

PMS Business Partner?

Let's make Moonshine Popsicles and Infused Tacos Together!

Makes sense that a person who drinks full bottles of Crown Royal and smokes weed would be all about that business plan! But, BEWARE, those who have been working with PMS in years past have been left with more than $100,000.00 in IRS debt when he ran off with the funds! Check out the Victims page!

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"Truth is an absolute defense to libel claims, because one of the elements that must be proven in a defamation suit is falsity of the statement. If a statement is true, it cannot be false, and therefore, there is no prima facie case of defamation."

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