23 Victims

These are the ones we actually know about

In the interest of privacy

These women who have stories to share with others deserve to live their lives without drama and/or the fear of being contacted by those who are too foolish to recognize the truth.

This site is for informational purposes only! Most importantly, everyone needs to understand the reason this site exists. It is solely to help those who may be communicating with Paige Summers on social media or likely be subject to experiencing the same outcomes as his prior victims to make more educated decisions, not to harm or harrass Paige Summers, or whomever he may be legally.

If you or anyone you know have ever been a victim of any kind of abuse, violence or financial loss at the hand of an abuser, user, thief and/or con, you know that a victim's heart goes out to others to try help them avoid the pain and suffering they have endured. It is called being a "wounded healer" and helping others is a form of healing and purpose for those who have been hurt. 

Everyone is strongly advised to do their own homework, digging and determination as to the validity of the claims, stories and allegations as posted on social media and told in person by Paige Summers about himself and his explanations about others who have been a victim. 

Take special note: Paige Summers will send the same "marry me" and other similar messages to multiple women at the same time. (See The Con Extraordinaire section on this site.)  Although none of them want to see him or hear from him or have him interrupt their lives uninvited, the Victims have questions directed at PMS and have shared them here for him and others to consider. (Click to read)

23 Short Stories

The victim's stories are not listed in any particular order.
Numbers are for ease in identifying vicitims throughout the site.
(Paige Michael Summers = PMS / Marty Ray Scott = MRS)

Please respect their stories which have been shortened on this site and do not post comments on any social media until you have spoken with them directly. PMS is not a reliable source of truth about these victims. The stories are such that making them up would be impossible. The sad part is that each victim fears that there are more victims who have yet to be indentified.


Victim:  ST of California, North Carolina, Texas and Tennessee (age: 73) [Deceased]

ST has a life-threatening illness and we fear she may have passed away recently; no one has been able to speak with her in a while. 
When PMS was in prison in Texas as MRS, ST gave him a place to stay and work on a ranch she had in Texas. She helped him learn about horses in a Wild Horse Inmate program originally started in the 1980's and run by the US Marshal associated with prison inmate rehabilitation in Texas. MRS was under the direction of the US Marshal working as a Federal Prison Inmate, he was NOT a US Marshal.
(Heck, even today, PMS can not remove the magazine on a semi-auto pistol in his posession in Washington, or eject casings from a revolver using the ejector rod on the pistol he has strapped to his left leg as a right handed person in the photo of him on this site.) 

When ST returned to Tennessee, MRS worked with her at her parent's dude ranch; which resulted in ST losing her inheritance of the ranch from her parents because she defended him. PMS often tells the story of him being the "Grand Marshall" in the Gatlinburg parade . . .truth is, ST and MRS rode in the parade advertising her ranch. The other story goes from the mouth of PMS that he was the only one who knew the mountains of the Smokies who could rescue vistiors stranded in a snow storm on horseback. Hear him tell it, he rode them all out without delay as a heroic act . . . truth has it that is laughingly unbelieveable by those who knew him then, says ST!

Notably, while in Tennessee, MRS became known as PMS after being released as an inmate from a Tennessee prison. (Paige is the name given to Tennessee inmates by other inmates who go after them when they willingly drop the soap in shower.)

Then, after ST moved to North Carolina, she became ill. PMS came to visit for a while; during which time he received a package of illegal drugs from a dealer in Alabama.  ST’s daughter believes PMS was also drugging her mother when PMS was near her in NC.  Afterwhich, PMS stole a $20,000+ custom golf cart (photo of golf cart is in The Proof section on this site), large umbrella, utility trailer and money from ST.  North Carolina has outstanding theft warrants (non-extraditable) out for PMS for that theft. (See The Proof section of this site)


Victim: SJM of Prescott and Dewey, Arizona (age: 61)

PMS convinced SJM to leave his name off of Summers Cable Construction, the business they were working together because PMS wanted "her to have the benefit of the business". Then, PMS took off with all the money in the bank and other assets which left SJM with a $145,000+ IRS debt! In 2002, SJM was forced to file bankruptcy due to her association with PMS, but the IRS debt was non-dischargable.  
Unbelievably, PMS under false pretense took SJM to Mexico and tried to sell her to Mexicans and then beat her up, threw lit cigarettes at her and threatened her! Once she was able to get back to Arizona, law enforcement would not help her because it happened in Mexico.

SJM was fka "SJ Summers" when PMS convinced her to change her name even though SJM refused to marry him as he alledged it was because he was a Christian. Truth is, he had other reasons! PMS stole two of her horses and a horsetrailer which SJM recovered one of the horses from Victim #1 while she was in California. Even when PMS had gone, she continued to receive threatening and harassing text messages from PMS until some of her friends that PMS was afraid of got involved. SJM had an Order of Protection against PMS. (See the Proof section of this site.)  It was SJM who helped Victim #3 take the necessary steps to get away from PMS and since they have become longtime friends.  

Today, PMS continues to allege HE is the owner of Summers Cable Construction on social media; but, SJM is the only owner, ever, and is still paying the price!


Victim: JJ of Lavaka, Arkansas (age: 44)

JJ was married to PMS. As his second wife, when JJ was pregnant with PMS's baby, PMS painted lacquer the floor around her bed while she was sleeping that made her very ill, physically abused her, kicked her inthe stomach while she was sleeping and the baby died. JJ had to continue to carry the dead baby until she could have it removed two weeks later. PMS beat her on multiple occasions. JJ has a permanent restraining order against PMS. (See the Proof section of this site.)  JJ is the owner of a successful cable business, still today, and worked with PMS in the cable industry. (PMS says that he watched an old man on a pole and videotaped him and learned how to work in the cable industry all by himself; not true.)

PMS stole her trucks (including a fire truck she turned into a fifth-wheel/ bucket truck), trailers, tools (including 2, $19,000 each, handheld electric cable readers) and money from JJ. PMS took everything she had. It has been hard to prove but PMS is known to have set her house on fire. She had to start over.  JJ is now happily married, has kids, and still works her business; but regularly warns the industry about PMS and MRS via the "cable wire" and in person when applicable. (See the Proof section on this site.)

JJ has a permanent restraining order against PMS in Sebastian County Arkansas.


Victim: ADG of Scottsdale, Arizona (age: 53)

Allegedly married to PMS (2014-2017), ADG is still using the Summers' name, (PMS can never deny her relationship with him, she kept the name A Summers to prove it! Although, PMS tells others that ADG changed her name to A Summers legally without his knowledge as a means to infiltrate his bank accounts.) A Summers worked in the office and on the truck with PMS when they lived in Prescott, AZ, where they rented a house from the owner of the property whose name is PS. (This is the property PMS says the "Scientologists" took from him 2020 and that the property belonged to him.)

It has been verified from the owner PS, that PMS and A Summers rented her property and left it with the wiring re-wired dangerously incorrectly, broken window, in a shambles and PMS removed the perfectly good heating unit and left the property without heat. PS has spent a lot of time and money repairing the house. She says, "I knew something was up with him as I am married and old, and he even flirted with me!  PMS still uses her Prescott  address as his own, and has not lived there since early 2017.  

A Summers lost her grandmother's inheritance to PMS, and was left penniless and an embarrassment to her family. All she came away with was some of her furniture and has had a hard time recovering emotionally and financially. She was fooled and is very hurt.


Victim: P Scott of Texas (age: late 50's)

P Scott is PMS's first ex-wife and mother of PMS’s son Christopher. PMS denies being married (ever to any women) yet abused P Scott and left her without any financial or fatherly support.

P Scott was present when PMS was taken to prison the first time in Missouri while they were newly married and she was pregnant. Her parents made her come home when PMS was suddenly arrested and went to prison. She raised their son by herself and divorced PMS while PMS was still in prison.

PMS has consistently denied having any children publically and privately with his victims. Interestingly, Victim #22 visited Christopher in late February, 2020 when PMS's bucket truck was having engine issues. She met PMS's four (4) grandkids, and was told by PMS that the only reason he was ever with P Scott was because he felt sorry for her deformed face. Christopher and his family live in Albany, Texas and rarely has PMS visited. (See Christopher's Facebook posts in the Son Section on this site.) 


Victim: JP of South Pittsburg, Tennessee (age: 62)

JP has a 150 acre ranch in Tennessee. Best known as "the singing cowgirl", this gal has suffered at the hands of PMS losing a big pickup truck, horse trailer and 2 expensive horses, money and more! She could not get jurisdiction on PMS and was unable to recover her property. Thus, no charges were able to be filed for the theft. PMS turns every criminal act into a "civil matter" and this time was no different. 

In 2018, PMS had the audacity to show up at JP’s house with PMS’s short term boss from the Crossville, TN area. JP refused to give PMS anything to eat or drink; and before PMS left, JP snapped a photo of a check written to PMS by the boss. That information was used to track PMS down in Tennessee and get him served from a Washington state collection case by Victim #20 . . . but only because PMS spoofed JP's phone number and sent Victim #20 a text message alledging that she felt that PMS was a great guy. Sadly, recently, PMS texted JP telling JP that he was told by Victim #20 that SC was giving JP money. JP and SC had developed a "victim kindred" friendship staying in touch via social media and messenger UNTIL PMS lied and said SC was giving JP money . . . a statement that is a typical practice by PMS to pitt victims who befriend each other against one another.  

In March, 2020, and after "the wreck" in Flagstaff, AZ, PMS called her and texted her (and others with the same offer) asking JP to marry him and let him come be with her. She said [shortened version], "hell no!" Shortly thereafter, and sadly, because PMS has spoofed JP's number before sending messages from her number,  when Victim #20 got a message in the wee hours of the morning stating she was giving JP money, SC replied half-asleep, "You're a liar!" Later when SC realized that the message really came from JP, it was too late. JP blocked her! JP also blocked PMS. Sadly, JP has been very sick and really is not able to deal with PMS related anything, even a sad mistake.
She continues to receive threatening and harassing text messages from PMS.  (See The Proof section on this site.)


Victim: SK of Wisconsin (age: 48)

PMS stole a work truck with a drill mounted on the back and Puma RV tag-along trailer from SK. 
There is a lot more SK has suffered from at the hand of PMS but could not get jurisdiction on him. 
(See the Cable Wire in the Proof section of this site.)


Victim: TV of Tuscaloosa Alabama (age: 38)

PMS sent erotic photos of TV to the Department of Child Services to try to have her kids removed from her custody so that TV would have no reason to refuse to go traveling with PMS. It was later learned by both TV and Victim #12 that PMS was in a relationship with both of them simultaneously although each was told that "they were the only one for him!"

PMS stole a dually pickup and 5th wheel RV from her. It is the same RV 5th wheel PMS had in Washington state with a stolen license plate on it from Victim #20’s motorcoach which was returned to SC by officer, Tony Ryan in Enumclaw, WA. (See The Proof section on this site)
TV has a restraining order against PMS. 


Victim: MEP of Maryville, Tennessee (age: 42)

Story being updated, stay tuned!


Victim: Tina of Mesa, Arizona (age: 45)

A blonde married woman with overly large breasts and mom of two kids who came to the place where Victim # 12 worked to warn her about PMS. PMS allegedly was having a relationship with her as well while being in a relationship and working with Victim #12. PMS sent lewd pictures to Tina of PMS giving Tina affectionate attention to try to get better work for himself in a job environment, and then ultimately tried to say Tina was stalking him alleging he was being nice because PMS did not want Tina to mess with his job in the end.  


Victim: Sheila of ? (age: ?)

Violence and theft story being updated, stay tuned!


Victim: KS of Chandler, Arizona (age: 54)

PMS allegedly renewed his license after being released from Maricopa County Jail on March 17, 2020 listing PMS’s address at KS’s residence where the 2013 initiated warrant related incidents took place without KS' authority, or her knowledge.

There were multiple 2013 warrants out on PMS from the City of Chandler including DUI, FTA/FTP, and assault. The assault charges were dropped due to an error in the paperwork. Those charges are being refiled just short of the statute of limitations. (See “Hahahahaha . . .” text message to Victim #20 at 1:46pm upon PMS’s release in the Proof section on this site.)  

While in contact with KS, PMS stole a puppy bulldog from a breeder in Louisanna. PMS was arrested and at the time. KS paid the $5,000 fine/restitution and the puppy was returned to the breeder. Later, KS purchased the bulldog PMS ultimately stole from her (Ottis) when she threw him out of her house after the 2013 event. PMS later acquired ownership papers for the dog under false pretenses. The dog (Ottis) is the dog PMS uses to con women in person and on the internet as a pawn and a meal ticket. Despite his persona of caring for Ottis on social media, PMS is very often extremely mean to him, witnessed by many of PMS' victims. 

KS continues to receive threatening and harassing phone calls and text messages from PMS.
(See the Proof section on this site)


Victim: Lady from Maricopa County, AZ (age: ?)

This lady also visited Victim #12’s place of work and told her to beware of PMS for all that PMS had done to her. Sadly, at the time, Victim #12 was still under the charms of PMS and learned the truth the hard way.
Currently trying to locate her for the complete story.


Victim: LC of Pagosa Springs, Colorado (age: 59)

In 2018, while attempting to charm LC with things PMS made for her while staying at the same campground in Pagosa Springs, CO; a ploy that did not work as LC was not interested in him. Unbelievably (you can't make this stuff up!), PMS revengefully  told LC’s estranged husband that PMS was approached by LC to murder her husband for money! 

Husband applied for an Order of Protection in Durango CO against LC—which was not granted—and there was a no show by PMS! 
Victim #20 appeared as a witness on LC’s behalf as to the character of PMS, driving from Washington state to Colorado on a few days notice. Ultimately, that campground is where Victim #20's custom truck was recovered by authorities in the wee hours of the morning. (Her red trailer was found there as well; and assuming that PMS has no way to move the trailer, they instructed PMS that they would retrieve it in the morning. As you can guess, PMS was long gone with the trailer and later sold it to an illegal Mexican who could not be apprehended.) 
PMS sent nasty laughing messages to LC’s phone.  


Victim: ER of Sarasota, Florida (age: 51)

Also known as E Summers, she has a 1996 retraining order against PMS in Sarasota County, Florida which PMS violated and an outstanding warrant for his arrest (non-extraditeable) is open. (See The Proof section of this site.)


Victim: Unnamed Woman of Sarasota, Florida (age: ?)

This unnamed woman also has a 1997 retraining order against PMS in Sarasota County, Florida which PMS violated and an outstanding warrant for his arrest (non-extraditeable) is open. (See The Proof section of this site.)


Victim: Another Woman of Florida (age: ?)

Story of assault being updated, stay tuned!


Victim: Woman of New Orleans, Louisiana (age: ?)

Story of Domestic Violence is being updated, stay tuned!


Victim: Another Woman of New Orleans, Louisiana (age: ?)

Domestic Assault Story being updated, stay tuned!


Victim: SC of Knox and Roane Counties, Tennessee (age: 63)

In early November, 2017, having been a 5 year distant facebook friend with PMS, SC answered his desperate plea for help for "Ottis who was dying in the Arkansas heat" havng been stranded with his bucket truck broke down on the side of the road "with no help for more days than [PMS] could remember". After a 10 hour drive, SC paid for the $1,800 computer ECU mother board for his bucket truck and consoled PMS's declining mental state and wish for a "real friend" and not a "FakeBook friend" by promising to stay in touch with him.  Over the next few months, that friendship included SC paying for repairs to his truck and bucket in the thousands of dollars, food, supplies, fuel and other living expenses until "[PMS] could get back to work and pay her back"; work of which never transpired. SC ultimately offered PMS the opportunity to come to Tennessee and work with her driving a soon to be purchased custom truck and enclosed trailer with a simulator presentation for her non-profit corporation across the country. PMS jumped at the chance "to get out of the cable business that he was no longer capable of doing because of severe back pain from unbelieveable experiences in his life"—which turned out to be fake!  SC was fooled with what turned out to be a typical PMS "MO": She gave PMS $700 in cash (x 2= $1,400) to "go get a special shot in his back administered by a special doctor of his in Alabama who would only accept cash", plus the cost of his transportation and hotel. Only by devine circumstance to learn in late 2018 (direct from his Alabama dealer), that PMS used the money to purchase drugs for his meth and pill addiction. There was no such doctor!

In early March, 2018, PMS stole the $60,000 custom toy hauler 4400 International truck and an $11,000 upgraded enclosed customized trailer SC had hired him to drive, and credit cards totaling thousands of dollars in fraudulent charges, tools, an Italian scooter, guns and other personal property from SC. It was PMS's plan all along! Using the PMS longtime, well-established "MO": PMS alleged to authorities he personally had a "personal relationship" and was a "non-profit business co-owner" with SC to avoid entry of the thefts into NCIC by law enforcment in Tennessee effectively rendering his "criminal" actions a "civil" matter. It took SC months to get jurisdiction on PMS when he was finally located in the state of Washington and to have the truck and trailer put in NCIC.

Amazingly, during SC's attempts to recover her truck and trailer, PMS had the audacity to ask SC "to marry [him] at a little church in Santa Fe, New Mexico where the staircase is freestanding (only to have been built by Jesus himself) and start a carriage business with [him]." OF COURSE, SC said "YES!"  And, while SC was making imediate arrangements for law enforcement to meet them at the church in Santa Fe, PMS was gayly requesting a special wedding gift from SC of a western style gun. (Yep, you just can't make this stuff up, folks!) Sadly, PMS never showed, never got his gun, and law enforcement couldn't recover her truck!

Ultimately, it has cost SC thousands of dollars to trace and recover the truck. PMS and Ottis lived in the truck for months on the run and it is completely trashed with substantial damage to the custom interior, exterior body, collapsed the roof and destroyed the spoiler (dragging it under and into low tree branches, witnessed by the campground residents), wiring, rearend, engine and transmission—rendering the vehicle unusable. (See the Gallery section on this site for before and after photos of the truck.)  Sadly, the interior of the truck was chewed and clawed by precious Ottis, destroying the upholstery and scratching the window tinting film from the windows of the cab due to the abuse of PMS. SC is still in a lawsuit with her insurance company regarding collection of the damages and has been required to make $1,400 monthly payments on the truck since purchasing it in February, 2018 without use of or access to the truck and trailer since then.

PMS actually sold the trailer in Colorado (see The Proof section of this site) after taking the “open title” from SC’s office and alleging it belonged to PMS. The same person PMS sold the trailer to in Colorado has possession of the 5th wheel RV that belonged to Victim #7 (See a photo of the 5th wheel in the Gallery section of this site). SC currently has 2 Writs of Execution against PMS's personal property (including the bucket truck he was towing in the accident on 2/29/20 in Flagstaff, AZ as outlined in The Truth About The Accident section on this site) from King County Washington directed to "the sheriff of any state where PMS may be found to take all personal property in PMS's possession belonging to PMS" to be sold to satisfy the Writs—there are NO exemptions as PMS has fled.
Fraudulently, PMS claims SC is a Scientologist who has taken everything he owns. (See "The Scientologist", "Miss Susan the Leader" secton on this site.) SC is being defamed on social media (restitution will never be paid by PMS as he is a pauper who preys on his victims and has hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars in IRS liens) and continues to receive threatening and harassing text messages from PMS. IT should be noted that in a recent text message from PMS to SC, he tells SC that she is the only one that he wants by his side when the world collapses and to please come be with him (ignoring that SC is happily married) and asks SC to go to the Grand Canyon with PMS to see the white buffalo. (See the Gallery section of this site.)

SC has no chance of recooping the more than $100,000 lost at the hand of PMS, having been fooled by his "MO". SC never had a "personal relationship" with PMS although he announced to two of her fellow instructors that he was gonna marry her and stay with her forever"! SC and other victims have a desire to help stop any others from being a victim. (See The CON Extraordinaire section of this site.)


Victim: CP of Oklahoma (age: 60)

On February 14, 2020, a few victims were contacted by CP’s daughter who was frantic that (PMS had within 3 days of meeting CP on match.com) PMS had moved into her mother’s house and the daughter feared for CP’s life as PMS was watching her mother while she was sleeping and taking compromising photos of the daughter's daughter. Victims #12 and #20 were ultimately able to save CP from the wrath of PMS, although not without incident and initial disbelief by CP.  PMS quit his two week old job near Oklahoma City and headed toward Arizona having already placed an updated Match.com ad for a gal within 500 miles of Phoenix.


Victim: RFH of Gold Canyon, Arizona (age: 54)

Before the end of Feburary, 2020, PMS convinced RFH (whom he found on Zoosk.com) to purchase a $16,000 bucket truck from Houston TX on false pretenses of having a job in Phoenix, AZ and would pay her back within 2 months as PMS was making $1,000 week as a cable lineman. RFH used multiple credit cards to fund the purchase and was seen sitting on the lap of PMS and acting like an 18 year old while making the truck purchase. PMS emphatically assured RFH that PMS had sufficient insurance coverage on the truck.  (Truth is: PMS had no job and had only commercial general liability insurance on the truck he was towing.)

PMS wrecked the bucket truck (not yet in his name and belonging to RFH) due to incorrectly towing another bucket truck allegedly belonging to PMS (Victim #12 will confirm that PMS has no viable means to prove he owns the truck which is assumed stolen and unreported by the owner due to inability to obtain jurisdiction or locate PMS since early 2007.)
(See The Truth About The Accident section on this site.)

At the scene of the accident, PMS attempted to get RFH to change the story as to what actually happened at the accident and she refused to lie to the officers.  PMS admitted to RFH some of the things he was wanted for and got very upset and left her while PMS stood at the roadside and waived on to passersby indicating that "no help was needed" and that "everyone was fine"; all the while RFH was begging for medical help from the other side of the tipped over truck laying in the field. 

PMS tried to force RFH to get up and flee the scene of the accident. 
PMS tried to get RFH to say she was driving the truck and not him. 
After more than 30 minutes RFH demanded PMS call 911. Finally he called and PMS told the 911 operator that "NO ambulance was necessary" and that his “wife (not!) only had a stomach ache"—all the while RFH is screaming for help.

PMS has hired a lawyer in Phoenix on contingency to [fraudulently] pursue insurance claims against RFH and the dealer stating that the accident was caused by a hit-and-run yellow 18 wheeler (that PMS has since described on social media as a "Dominoes" truck AND "a truck hired by the Scientologists to kill him and Ottis." ) 

RFH sustained a lacerated stomach, removal of 22” of colon and 20+ staples with heavy bruising and was in a coma for 2 days. (During which time, PMS lured his next victim #23 to come and get him and Ottis from Flagstaff as they had no where to go or live.) 
RFH continues to receive threatening and harassing text messages from PMS.
RMH knows the location of Victim #5 and has met PMS's son Christopher and his family. 

RMH is like many others who have fallen victim to PMS, she wants him out of her life at all costs and losses. She is trying to recover physically from the wreck, emotionally from the con, and financially with hardship to pay back her credit cards.
(See The Truth About the Accident on 2/20/2020 section on this site.)


Victim: LSB of Buckeye, Arizona (age: 53)

PMS contacted LSB through Zoosk.com and persuaded her to drive to Flagstaff, AZ and pick up PMS and Ottis (while Victim #22 was still in a coma in the hospital after the accident on 2/29/20) and give PMS and Ottis a place to stay. (The video at the bottom of this page was taken by PMS without her knowledge. They both were cleaning up an anbandoned house she owned where she kept her horses; dont't miss it!)

Within a week and a half, PMS took LSB dancing, asked her to marry him, gave her rings, spent her money for drinks and groceries, and then got her to bail him out of jail on March 17, 2020—only to return back to her house, attempt to skip town with her white pickup truck after retrieving a utility trailer (which is deemed potentially stolen with the serial number removed and no proof of ownership or payment by PMS) from Victim #22's garage, taking all of his belongings with him from LSB's house and Ottis, too. PMS had to be forced to return the truck to LSB and avoid theft charges when she had called 911 to the Maricopa County AZ Sheriff. After PMS reluctantly returned with her truck and the trailer, LSB put him off of her property, only to let him pursuade her to let him return.

After learning the truth about PMS, she revoked the bail she paid to get him out of jail from the Chandler, AZ warrants from DUI, drug and violence toward Victim #12, and then she was granted an Order of Protection against PMS because of his actions, threats and texts. Until Victims #12 and #20 were able to contact LSB, she was very confused and hurt. LSB continued to receive threatening and harassing text messages from PMS until the the Order of Protection was served on PMS.

LSB said she kinda thought that something was up when PMS emptied out all of her stuff from her truck on the guise of cleaning the truck. It was only after he took off with the truck without her permission that she put two-and-two together.  When PMS was confronted and told to bring the truck back immediately, his reply was the normal PMS "MO": "Well you gave me the keys!" LSB corrected him stating that he was only given permission to move the truck a few feet closer to the shed!

She felt very conned when she learned about Victims # 21 and #22 which happened within a month before she responded to PMS on Zoosk.com. She wants PMS out of her life and to leave her alone and is happy to have gotten away from him without more financial loss. It was embarrassing to tell her family and friends that he was a con and that there would be no marriage; but she is thankful to be out of the relationship!


Next Victim: It could be YOU!

If you have any information about a victim who should be included on this site, please email us.  Most importantly, if you have discovered this site from a tip or social media, PLEASE do not be among those fooled. Education is imperative to good decision-making and if you need help, let us know via email.  God bless anyone who may be the one to be listed as" Victim #24" and each of you be guided along the way to avoid losing the blessings God has provided to you.  MATTHEW 7:6 "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you."


Beware! . . . Paige Summers [aka: Marty Ray Scott] has even more victims just since COVID!


Stolen Car Sold in Chattanooga, TN: It was a shock to the guy who paid Summers $14,500 for the Land Cruiser Summers had been driving since leaving Oklahoma in 2020 when he was pulled over by law enforcement and barely escaped being arrested for being in possession of a stolen vehicle! Sadly, he lost the car and his money!  BTW, he paid for the car so that Ottis could get "emergency surgery" and yet when Summers was captured in Signal Mountain, TN, Ottis had not had any surgery and was in very poor health!

Victims #28
Colorado man pays Summers $2,500 to purchase his wrecked bucket truck and Summers skips town with the money and the bucket truck!
  This victim was scammed after paying the money to a Pay Pal account and never saw Summers or the truck again! When he tried to report it to his local law enforcement agency, he was told to submit a complaint online to a federal agency.

Victim # 24, #25 and #26
Summers leaves Arizona without paying for a Penske Rental Box Truck:
Summers is found with the stolen truck in Oklahoma City, OK area and . . . 
Summers at the same time is caught stealing yet different bucket truck and is arrested in Oklahoma in June 2020. Summers jumps $15,000 bond. Currently Summers is being held in Hamilton County TN jail awaiting extradition to Oklahoma. Plus, the lady who posted bond lost, too!

Victims #29, #30 and #31
Summers steals multiple homeowners tools and other personal property in Chattanooga, TN area:
Summers is found storing multiple homeowners personal property including tools in various locations in the Chattanooga area including a church and houses in which Summers was allegedly doing handyman work.
Summers is also caught living in multiple houses without permission; and trashed the house of Victim #31

Below is a sampling of the messages between PMS and Victims . . . There is so much information, explanations and proof that full sections have been provided to help visitors to this site gain a better understanding of The Truth About Paige Summers.

PMS Posted This Video of Victim #23's House . . .

She had no idea! Plus, PMS alleged that he was "getting paid to clean it and she never paid him" . . . Truth is they both cleaned it up being it had been vacant for a longtime so that they could live there together as husband and wife!

The 23 victim's have been identified by their INITIALS or first names only and the actual cities in and around where they reside now or did at the time they became a victim of Paige Summers (fka: Marty Ray Scott).  For more specific identity information or to speak with one of these victims:
email: contact@the-truth-about-paige-summers.com

"If thou afflict them in any wise, and they cry at all unto me, I will surely hear their cry; And my wrath shall wax hot, and I will kill you with the sword . . . "  -Exodus 22:23-24

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"Truth is an absolute defense to libel claims, because one of the elements that must be proven in a defamation suit is falsity of the statement. If a statement is true, it cannot be false, and therefore, there is no prima facie case of defamation."

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