The Art of the CON

The question always is asked:

"How does Paige keep getting away with all the things he has done to these victims and others and not get arrested for stealing and violence if it is true?"

The simple answer is that Paige Summers is a seasoned career criminal who has perfected his "MO" [modus operandi'] to the point that he knows who to prey on, how to lure them into his scheme, how use his over-the-top persona and facade of Christianity to quickly overcome trust issues, and to make those who truly love God, care for humanity and/or animals feel his pain/suffering in a way that produces financial assistance to fund his "needs". So many have been fooled by his compelling stories and unfortunate situations that they share his pleas on their social media sites and dig into their own pockets. They overlook the reality that Paige Summers has been allegely experiencing "the worst of the worst" and preying on victims for years. It is his lifestyle and directly due to his own actions, and the fact that he will not keep a job to take care of himself and Ottis.

Some people try to justify believing his stories because surely, the accidents, and the untimely constant breaking down of his truck and Ottis getting sick are not Paige Summer's fault? He is always losing his job or his home or his tools and run off the road at that hand of the Scientology people . . . Really? 

If you simply take Paige Summers' stories and explanations at face value without really thinking about how things don't quite addup, it is easy to be fooled. Knee-jerk reactions by unsuspecting good-hearted people to the cons Paige Summers has used for years, is what fuels his ability to get the results he wants. 

The inherent kindness of so many people to want to help others in need (no matter if they are of large or small means) overshadows the reality of the con. Many blame being fooled on "having had hard luck" themselves in the past and feel the need to believe the story to "give something back" to another suffering person.

Consider the facts outlined within this site alone: the accident was no fault of anyone EXCEPT Paige Summers; he quits jobs or loses them due to his own actions; he does not have a residence of any kind, anywhere, and lives in the bucket truck he has no title for and as such is unable to get a valid registration or tag; he has no valid driver's license and he is unable to rent any vehicle as he has no major credit card, or credit.

Unfortunately, often when previous Victims attempt to to tell unsuspecting people the real truth to help them avoid losing money, or assets, or other things of value to them, they dont want to believe that they have been fooled. Often, they slam those trying to help them on social media or instant messenger until they learn the truth after being conned. 

To quote one law enforcement officer recently when he learned of the many victims of Paige Summers, "A fool and his money are soon parted!"  No matter how true that may be, it is very sad that no one seems to want to take the time to put all the pieces together. And that is how Paige Summers continues his lifestyle of conning fools.

What Is Paige Summers "MO"

After being arrested multiple times through the years for burglary/larceny/theft beginning in the early 1980's, Paige Summers has developed a modus operandi' that cleverly and effectively removes the "criminal element" when he steals property from others. You see, when there is a personal or business relationship and theft is involved, the thief can make statements that causes law enforcement to categorize the crime as "civil" which forces the parties into Civil Court.
As part of a civil court matter, the Plaintiff [Victim] must "serve" the Defendant [Paige Summers] the summons and law suit before the process can continue.

If you can't serve the defendant, then you can't proceed. With Paige Summers being on the run, and not easily found, the case is avoided by the thief and the victim cannot get a judgment for the damages incurred. Then, there is the problem of actually collecting the damages, even if the victim lucky enough to get Paige Summer served and a judgment.
As you can imagine from the constant plea by Paige Summers for financial help via social media and the fact that he does not keep a job (where he could be garnished), the odds of the victim getting any restitution or payback for what was taken is, at best, slim to none.

In the case of Victim #20, SC was able to get two (2) judgments against Paige Summers for money afterwhich, with more legal cost, resulted in her obtaining two (2) Writs of Execution against the personal property of Paige Summers in any state. Problem is that once he is located in a state where SC could take possession of his property per the Court Order, often that state requires what is called "Domestication of the Order" in that state's court; which takes time and of course more money.
At this time, SC has the ability to take the bucket truck which was in the 2/29/20 accident in AZ, his dog, his tools, any money in his possession, the gun that was confiscated at the accident scene, and anything else of value from him that he owns [without him being able to claim any exemption because the law denies exemptions to people who flee]. So why has SC not taken his bucket truck yet? Because there is no actual proof that Paige Summers owns that bucket truck. It has not been registered since it was sold in 2007 by the second owner. There is no title in the name of Paige Summers, either.  Just because he has possession of it and has taken it to a dealer to be worked on and his name appears on an invoice for that work with the vin number of the truck, still does not prove Paige Summers owns it. Dealers do not run vin numbers or check the owner's proof of ownership when they take in a vehicle for repair. SC does not want to be in possession of stolen property.

So, why has the bucket truck Paige Summers has not been reported stolen by the owner?
It is sad but really quite simple. Even when a vehicle is stolen, the police report is all that is required to file an insurance claim. Not all stolen items are entered into the NCIC system. (See the theft report from Knox County, TN in the Proof section of this site.) There is a note on the last line of the report description that states:
"No NCIC entry at this time due to theft after trust." 

That statement is what Paige Summers creates by alledging that he is in a personal or business relationship with the victim and emphasizing that the victim "gave him the keys and access with permission" to the items he steals; effectively changing his criminal intent to a "civil" matter. Additional statements Paige Summer makes include: "She is just mad at me because I don't want to be with her . . . she loves me, I don't love her . . . or, I am part owner in the business and I will send you the paperwork in a few days to prove it." Of course, no proof that the victim owns the property at that point will take away law enforcement's view of the matter being "civil" and thus, no criminal charges!

Paige Summers quickly takes the appropriate steps to set up his exit strategy by proposing marriage, business partnerships, taking photos of himself and the victim-to-be to show personal attachment, sending text messages of love and life-long partners, moving in to the residence as soon as possible, and gaining trust to have access to personal property. (See the images in the various sections on this site for examples.)

Paige Summers has a favorite saying he retorts to victims when he is done with the relationship and/or takes off:

"I never asked you for anything. I actually refused your help/money/use of property; but you insisted. It was you who made me take [whatever], and you who freely gave."

Most victims do not have the resources to hire a lawyer, They do not want to dedicate the lengthy time, expense and process of pursuing a court case to get a judgment that they fear they will never recover the cost of or get paid back for the loss of the property. Good for Paige Summers, victims chose to accept the payment an insurance will reimburse for the lost property and deal with the misfortune of having even met him; hoping that he will just go away.

So, Paige Summers is able to continue to avoid prosecution for his actions and enjoy others property free and clear of any expense from his pocket, until he decides to sell it. The fact that a person does not work to pay for what he gets creates the ability to sell stuff for cheap to get money for drugs, a work-free lifestyle, and free support when searching for the next victim.

If Paige Summer gets anywhere near a job site, he takes photos of himself and Ottis working and uses them to show others that supposedly he works for what he gets; sometimes the pictures are staged in front of other people's equiptment. Too bad cameras can't talk . . . even though pictures are worth a thousand words. The pictures found on this site should speak volumes about the truth about Paige Summers. Even though some of them came from his own social media outlets, they often are quickly deleted to avoid a trail of truth about the real Paige Summers.

The Christian Facade

Paige Summers is a documented Athiest but uses the Christian facade to gain the trust of others. When he loses a confrontation on social media or private messages or sometimes even in person, the standard retort is:
" . . . God Bless You!"

Telling others on social media that you "love God, would die for him, only want to serve Him and do good to others" does not mean that those statements are actually from the depths of your heart as compared to your mouth. Sadly, people who truly have a Christian heart can easily be mislead by "words" of Christianity and set aside their better judgment in hope of making a difference in the life of a suffering or needy person; especially if that person alleges to be a God-loving person suffering in a situation seemingly beyond their control.
The truth is that no one really knows the inner most person as to the "Christian" inside of them. Only God [or the devil himself] really knows. However, a "Christian" is recognizable by their actions and fruits in life. Bring social media into play with the ability post on what many call "FakeBook"  and many bad actions can go unexposed.

The "delete"  and "block" buttons are a con's best friend. 

If you review the posts by Paige Summers on this site, which have his profile clearly visible, you will discover that they all have been conveniently deleted. Many are deleted within minutes of them being posted. The reason they are deleted is because in the longterm, he does not want the nasties visible to visitors. 
Those who call him out, or figure it out, are quickly "blocked" and then he can make nasty comments about them without their abilty to reply.  Often, Paige Summers will send nasties to those he blocks on social media with cuss words and threats via messenger, texts and email. 

The only thing worse than being an Athiest, and not believing in God at all, is to use the facade of being a Christian to con others.  In the words of the Lord, Jesus, "Not everyone that saith unto me Lord, Lord shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in Heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? And, in thy name, cast out devils? And in thy name done many wonderful works? And then I will profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me ye that work iniquity."  -Matthew 7:21-23

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"Truth is an absolute defense to libel claims, because one of the elements that must be proven in a defamation suit is falsity of the statement. If a statement is true, it cannot be false, and therefore, there is no prima facie case of defamation."

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