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If you have not walked in the boots of Paige Michael Summers
(fka: Marty Ray Scott) you may not know the information that is on this section of The Truth About Paige Summers
or the man behind the Super Hero patches. The victims have the first-hand knowledge leading to what states and what cases to research.
Here it is in black and white . . . 

The Proof listed on this site is NOT a COMPLETE record because the general public only has a certain level of access. Law enforcement has full access if they choose to look in NCIC III and know to connect the dots putting Paige Summers together as Marty Ray Scott, Scooter Scott, Marti R. Scott and other aliases. The documents on this site have been redacted to protect those involved. If you have a need to know more you can find the documents on state websites and other public search outlets which may cost you a fee to access. If you have any questions about the documents or need help putting the dots together, send an email.  

PMS continues to deny that any proof exists; clearly that is not true. The text to the left is from a non-victim woman who is a Facebook friend who called Paige Summers out for conning people; his reply shows the guy that few see for very long on social media. After a rank rant, they are deleted by PMS. This woman did some of her own independent research online. There are more texts in the Gallery below. Theft and accident incident reports are listed below and are in PDF form. Click the title description to view the reports.

The 1995 Birth Certificate of Paige Summers 
Marty Ray Scott was born in Missouri in 1963. In a recent text (below), PMS states' "no convicted criminal can change his status or his name dumb sh*t"; yet PMS changed his name to Paige Summers with many offenses in his past beginning in 1981. What reason would Marty Ray Scott have to change his name? And, why does he deny was Marty Ray Scott?

According to Paige Summers, there "never was a Marty Ray Scott" but the birth certificate he refers to with PMS on it was issued August 4, 1995 with an authorization that indicates the orginal birth certificate was AMENDED to accommodate a name change as an adult. Note that his father is Raymond Scott (aka: Ray Scott) on the certificate. PMS's family has confirmed his original name to Victims #2, #3, #12 and #20; and Scooter as his nickname given him by his grandfather.

The Missouri Name Change process: 
Interestingly, Missouri does not have any particular limitations on your ability to change your name based on criminal record. They do not require a background check or fingerprinting and the petition does not ask for your criminal history. Marty [Scooter] Scott has a Tennessee Department of Corrections Inmate ID# EK00232738 and Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate #25534-077, being arrested in Texas. Paige Michael Summers also has a FBI# xxxx864W1 issued when a person is arrested and fingerprinted. 

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Below are snapshots of the report about Paige Summers from the PLUS Open Warrants, Jail and Prison records re: Marty Ray Scott, Scooter Scott and Paige Summers . . .

  1. Click to READ THE AZ ACCIDENT REPORT FOR 2/29/2020 - The attached document is multiple pages and has been redacted for privacy of the victims. PMS is on the report.
  2. Click to READ THE WA RED TRUCK and TRAILER THEFT REPORT - This single page document has been redacted to protect the victim. Paige Summers is on the report.
  3. Click to READ THE KNOX COUNTY TN THEFT REPORT - This multipage document shows the theft of the red truck and trailer by Paige Summers. Take special note to the paragraph where the theft is not reported in NCIC due to "theft after trust" which renders a criminal theft, a civil matter. Simply put: Give a thief the key to your property and he steals it, it is civil. The thief steals the vehicle without you giving him the key, it is criminal.  Paige Summers has mastered getting the owner to give him a key (if only for a purpose) and alleges that he was given permission to obscond with the property with permission and he drives away [Marty] Scott free!  
  4. READ THE TENNESSEE GUN THEFT REPORT - There were two guns stolen from Roane County Tennessee that belonged to Victim #20. One gun was recovered in Enumclaw, Washington and the other remains missing. Both guns were entered into NCIC.
  5. PROOF OF OWNERSHIP OF THE RED TRUCK AND TRAILER BY VICTIM #20 - In text messages galore and social media posts, Paige Summers says that he was the owner of the Red Truck and Trailer and that they were taken from him by the Scientologists. The purchase documents are redacted as appropriate to protect the victim but ownership is very clear that Paige Summers did not own the property.
  6. READ 1 of 2 WRITS OF EXECUTION AGAINST THE PERSONAL PROPERTY OF PAIGE SUMMERS - Victim #20 has the right to obtain the personal property of Paige Summers including the bucket truck he says is his, his dog, his money, his gun, his jewelry, etc. There is no exemptions permissible by PMS as he has fled.  Victim #20 has not exercised the Writs of Execution against the bucket truck located in the lot of Economy Towing because there is no diffinitive proof that the truck was ever registered to Paige Summers or anyone else after being sold in August 2007 by the original owner. 
  7. READ THE CAR FACTS REPORT ON THE BUCKET TRUCK PAIGE SUMMERS SAYS BELONGS TO HIM - the bucket truck has been in two accidents and has not been registered since owner #2 sold it in 2007. This is a trunicated version of the full report.
  8. CLICK TO READ THE RECOVERY RANCH OFFER TO PURCHASE PAPERWORK - The person making the offer was not Paige Summers.  It was not a non-profit corporation. The buyer of the ranch was to be Victim #20 only. The Recovery Ranch was never purchased. Thus, there was never a closing; and the paperwork Paige Summers claims to have signed never existed. (See the Recovery Ranch Section on this site)
  9. CLICK TO READ BEENVERIFIED ON PAIGE SUMMERS - The report has some criminal records listed as to driving without vehicle registrations, driving without valid license, and DUI charges in multiple states. Some personal information has been removed regarding family members, business associates and the women PMS has been married to and living with for privacy. The Federal Tax lRS lien is listed in Oklahoma.

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"You shall know them by their fruits."  -Matthew 7:16  KJV

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