The Scientologists

"Ms Susan, the Leader" Who Paige Summers Says
"Is Out to Kill [Paige] and Ottis"

Who are the Scientologists?

They are a figment of Paige Summers' imagination and a non-existent "cult" whom he is using to blame for all of the things he has lost in his life; things that never belonged to him to begin with or that he either sold or lost of his own accord, and by his own foolishness. Much of what Paige Summers says has been "taken from him by the cult" was property stolen from others by him and property that he claimed as his own, which did not belong to him. 

The snapshot pictured at the right is a text message sent to Victim #20 on March 17, 2020 by Paige Summers. (Below in the Gallery section on this page you will see more text messages he sent to her telling her that: she was the one he wanted to be with him in the COVID-19, trusted her as a longtime friend, wanted her to help him scam the insurance company, be his "power of attorney" to look after his needs, and to please come and rescue him an Ottis in AZ.

(The photo at the right was taken in 2017 in Arkansas by him to ultimatley use to falsely allege that he and Ms Susan/Susie Girl had a relationship as part of him setting her up as Victim #20.) Paige Summers shows the "old lady image" above as "Ms. Susan, The Leader of the Scientologists" and avers she is 73 yrs old!

Who is "Ms. Susan, the Leader"?

She is Victim #20, and she has lost a lot of money and property at the hand of Paige Summers. She will never recover what he has cost her; but that is not her purpose.

As you can see, the alleged 73 year old Ms Susan is not OLD at all, mean or the leader of a cult. She is Victim #20! She is the one, who in November of 2017 after being an non-active 5 year Facebook friend, went to save Ottis from dying in the heat of Arkansas and helped Paige Summers get the bucket truck  they were living and allegedly working in repaired at a cost in excess of $10,000 in parts and repairs, $2,700 in medical expenses for back pain over a period of a couple of months. Sadly, she fell for the con of Paige Summers needing a real friend, not a "FakeBook" friend, and has since paid a huge price for her kindness: including the theft of her custom red toy hauler truck, red enclosed trailer and contents, white italian scooter, cargo carrier, tools, guns, grill, bicycle, credit cards, Ipad, and phone totalling over $100,000! Oh, and then there is the legal fees and travel expenses trying to recover.

Victim #20 has no affiliation to Scientology; nor is she a Mormon (the old title Paige Summers used to give to "Ms. Susan"). Most importantly, she has not taken anything from PMS. It is hers and others God-directed duty to help stop Paige Summers from continuing to con unsuspecting women for his gain.

Anyone who challenges Paige Summers on social media is quickly added to the "cult" of the Scientologist's and accused of being led by Ms. Susan as part of a "Hate Crime" . . . often, they don't even know her.

The "checked" paragraphs below are a quick synopsis of some of the highlights of the events that transpired during the short time Paige Summers was in the life of Victim #20. Sadly, when you become one of his victims, it never seems to end. Victims will get unannounced visits from him, unsolicited texts dripping with niceties and that quickly turn to nasties when he gets no response or doesn't get the response he wanted.  And for Victim #20, Paige Summers has slammed her on social media with lies, made up stories about her being "Ms. Susan, the Leader of the Scientologists" and then, after the accident on 2/29/20 he had the audacity to text and call her begging for help in a bogus insurance case, tell her he never stopped caring about her and even knowing she was married tried to get her to go with him to the Grand Canyon and see the white buffalo. One of the text messages you will find on this site actually shows his comments to her about being the one he wants to be with when the world comes to end "because he feels safe with her"?!  Later, at one point, Paige Summers says that it is OK for her husband to come too! (You know, the "Russian Hit Man" that tried to kill him and Ottis?!) Perhaps the most bizzare part in his texts to her is that Paige Summers also asked "Ms Susan" to please come and get him and Ottis becuase he had no where to go; or at least come get Ottis?!  

  • THE TRUCK AND TRAILER IN NCIC - Because Paige Summers' "MO" is to swear that he and a victim are in a personal or business relationship to avoid criminal prosecution for theft, it took Victim #20 months to get law enforcement to put the vehicle and trailer into NCIC's database so that it could be recovered. Click to READ A COPY OF THE MOTOR VEHICLE THEFT REPORT entered by the Washington State Patrol. Paige Summers says that The Scientologists took his red truck and trailer from him, NOT! The trailer was sold for $5,000 to Omar from Pagosa Springs, CO with the "open title" belonging to Shooting for Women Alliance which Paige Summers took from the company office! The red truck was recovered in the same town in Colorado, wrecked inside and out, and not road worthy! Now, Paige Summers tells everyone that "Ms. Susan and the Scientologists" have taken from him what he stole from Victim #20?
  • THE "MO" and RECOVERY OF THE RED TRUCK AND TRAILER - Paige Summers, in keeping with his "MO" began broadcasting a "relationship" with Ms. Susan as a fiance' and business partner, depending on who he was talking with and for what purpose. Victim #20 was not a business partner nor a fiance'; although while trying to recover her truck and trailer she said "YES!, I will marry you at the church with the free-standing staircase in Santa Fe, NM" (even playing along with his game of what wedding presents they should give each other) to lure him near law enforcement who were ready to take her property from Paige Summers on sight.  (The photos in the PROOF section on this page show the before and after photos of the truck, her property, for sale advertisements, and texts.
  • FROM EARTH ANGEL TO CULT LEADER - Paige Summers has refered to Victim #20 as his Earth Angel when he wants something from her, and the Witch, Cunt, and 73 year old Cult Leader when he does not get what he wants. Because Victim #20 has dilligently pursued Paige Summers for return of her property, and her mission to help stop others from suffering as she and many others have at his con, he has used the "Scientologists" ploy to place the blame on "Ms Susan, the Leader" in an effort to discredit the truth. Sadly, many buy-in to his "cult" theory without actual realistic contemplation as to the unbelieveable concept of such acts toward him. There is NO "cult", NO "scientologists" and NO 73 year old, "Ms Susan" . . . and no one is taking anything that belongs to him.
  • NO ONE IS TRYING TO KILL PAIGE SUMMER OR OTTIS - Think about how rediculous that concept really is? The anger and regret building up in Paige Summers is what many call "demon possessed" and the mood swings, need for attention, and the loss of material things that were not his to begin with is translating to false accusations and paranoia. Every single victim on this site after the gal who was the original owner of Ottis has stepped up to help Paige Summers, mostly "For The Love Of Ottis"; especially Victim #20 who drove 10 hours from Tennessee to Arkansas to help save him from the heat in 2017. (Only, now to blame her as leader of the cult, for trying to harm Ottis?) 
  • HATE CRIME ALLEGATIONS BY PAIGE SUMMERS -   Paige Summers continues to state that Victim #20 is committing a "Hate Crime" against him and that his attorney is filing a lawsuit against her. There is nothing further from the truth. Victim #20, nor any other victim on this site, has committed any such crime.  The FBI has defined a hate crime as a “criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, or gender identity.”  Hate itself is not a crime—and the FBI is mindful of protecting freedom of speech and other civil liberties."  Click to learn the truth about HATE CRIME.

 The truth about the scooter is that PMS stole it; and when the Enumclaw Police discovered it at a campground he was staying at chained to a tree, they confiscated it but could not connect it to PMS because it was not on the site PMS rented. Victim #20 donated it to an Enumclaw non-profit who raises money to help the families of children who are fighting cancer. It was given to a man who had to live in Seattle while his son received cancer treatments so that he could get to work. (This is a photo texted to Victim #12 by PMS showing her all of his stuff; while Victim #20 was trying to locate Paige Summers to retrieve the red truck, trailer, scooter, tools, and more which belonged to Victim #20.)

PMS "SPOOFS" Text and Phone Messages to Harrass Women

See how he does it below and some samples . . .

NOTICE THE DIFFERENT TEXTING PATTERNS OF THE MESSAGES BELOW THAT PAIGE SUMMERS CONTINUES TO ALLEGE CAME FROM MS. SUSAN The image of Victim #20's Facebook page has been altered with messages that PMS himself created and then posted on his social media (the messages are all in the same color, in his speech patterns, and they are not social media posts). Now look at an actual message interaction between PMS and Victim #20 (they messages appear on the right and his replies appear on the left in a different color and in the format of PMS messages). Paige Summers has been using these fake messages made by him to get an attorney to file a hate crime case against Victim #20; too bad the attorney has been spoofed! (The actual hate crime is being committed by PMS telling everyone that the Scientologists have taken everything he owns and that the Scientologists want PMS and Ottis dead.)

Also there are two SPOOF messages that PMS sent to Victim #20 as if from someone else.  There are more Victims who have received SPOOFed messages generated by PMS which are intended to cause dissension between them when PMS discovers that they have been communicating.  Click here to learn about SPOOFing text messages.   Believe it or not there is a YouTube video on how to do it! Click to see it NOW! Oh geez!, there is even a Facebook link! Click to see it live! 

UPDATE: On 5/7/2020 at 5:55 pm (a devil worshiper's 3 digit number) PMS called Victim #20 from a SPOOFED local number and yelled, "Where the F**k are you BITCH?!" She hung up on him and he immediately texted a message from that spoofed number saying, "Got your location thanks"; then the following morning PMS posted on Facebook the question "Can anybody help me . . . " below; trying to act as if PMS knows nothing about SPOOFING. However, PMS in the message stream ADMITS it was him! (Note the number was added to Victim #20's contact numbers from PMS which is why the message shows "Paige" at the top. When the call came in, she did not recognize the number.) This has happened many times and is a normal means of harrassing women. Interestingly, PMS was texting a woman in Alabama and when he did not like her retort, PMS set up the SPOOF number to text himself threats as if from her. Then asked his Facebook peeps to help him locate the number. It never ends

BEWARE! There is even an YouTube video on how to track someone's phone even if you do not have access to their phone! That means that your phone calls and text messages and whereabouts can be traced and you will be clueless! Click here to see the video and be careful not to let it happen to you! All of this is really scary!!!!!

Victim #20 and her  husband are very happy and spend their time doing God's work together. One of the things God has given Victim #20 to do is to bring a screeching halt to the con of Paige Summers and to stop the neverending train of unsuspecting, good hearted, God loving women from life-long damage and loss. Her husband is NOT a Russian Hit Man. To the contrary, they both pray daily for the soul of Paige Summers and for him to repent and find true happiness in the Lord very soon.  

"And if a soul sin, and hear the voice of swearing, and is a witness, whether he hath seen or known of it; if he do not utter it, then he shall bear his iniquity."  -Leviticus 5:1

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"Truth is an absolute defense to libel claims, because one of the elements that must be proven in a defamation suit is falsity of the statement. If a statement is true, it cannot be false, and therefore, there is no prima facie case of defamation."

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