The Accident

What Really Happened on 2/29/2020

It was NOT 
a "Hit and Run"

This video shows the accident site and the skid marks where the truck went off the road after the bucket truck being towed incorrectly had its transmission freeze up causing it to break free from the towbar causing the accident

The Story According to Paige

Story One:
"Me and Ottis were hit by a YELLOW 18 wheeler! We flipped over three times! I had to go to the hospital for a few days, and Ottis was hurt and now he can't walk far and is in pain!" 


(Notably, the report states that "damage on the [bucket truck being towed] NOT consistent with the story provided by the driver.)

Story Two:
"The Scientologists tried to kill me and Ottis! Ms. Susan, the Leader, married the Russian HIT MAN she hired to drive the 18 wheeler to cause the accident and kill me so that he could not testify against her in a court of law!  We flipped over three times! I had to go to the hospital for a few days, and Ottis was hurt and now he can't walk far and is in pain!"
(See the text message in the Scientologist section on this site.)

Story Three:
"Me and Ottis were hit by a DOMINOES 18 wheeler! We flipped over three times! I had to go to the hospital for a few days, and Ottis was hurt and now he can't walk far and is in pain!" 
(See the text message in the Accident section on this site he sent to Victim #12 whose ex-husband drives a Dominoes truck in his job.)

And . . .  then there is the $2 Million Dollar lawsuit: 
"My attorney is suing the car lot for letting the truck off the lot without insurance. My insurance will cover my housing at $1,000 per week [write me a receipt and I will get you paid for letting me stay with you]. I will have a new bucket truck! My attorney had my truck taken to a dealer to get the damage estimated. My medical bills will be covered. I am going to therapy 3 times a week. And, the lady who purchased the truck will lose her house and everything else!"

What Actually Happened on 2/29/2020

The woman (Victim #22) who Paige met in February, 2020, on was conned into purchasing the truck for him that he was driving on Interstate 40 near Flagstaff, AZ while incorrectly towing the bucket truck he says belongs to him, was a PASSENGER with him in the accident and was severely hurt! She suffered a lacerated stomach, internal bleeding, had to have 22" of her colon removed, sustained severe bruising on her body, more than 20 staples to sew up the wounds, and was in a coma for 2 days!
Paige neglects to even mention that Victim #22 was in the truck with him, or the fact that he left her in the hospital and moved on to Victim #23 whom he also met on at that time to come and get him and Ottis!


* He did not have a valid drivers license

* The Tennessee license plate does not belong to the towed bucket truck. The vin number on the incident report is that of the vehicle that the plate actually belonged to. The plate was stolen without the knowledge of the owner in Clifton, TN who sold the vehicle with the license plate in the cab to its new owner, who never used that plate nor knew where it went.

* He was drinking and threw the 2/3 empty Crown Royal bottle in the field about 50 feet from the cab

* He did NOT have insurance to cover her truck; although Paige told her he did and that he and whatever he was driving was fully covered before they left the sales lot with the truck

* He warned her ["oh crap"] that the truck being towed had just broken free from the tow bar and was gonna HIT the truck they were in; which was because Paige was not towing the truck properly so it seized up (according to the 4 workers who appeared on the scene to tow the bucket trucks) and the tow bar broke apart because it was not strong enough to tow the load

* The truck they were in only spun around and ended up laying on its driver's side in the sand on the side of the road facing the opposite direction; it did NOT flip over 3 times

* He had stolen her newly filled prescription of anti-depressants and had the bottle in his bag [a drug he takes frequently]

* He tried to get her to change her story at the scene of the accident before the police showed up to say SHE was driving; and confessed to her that he had outstanding warrants, had DUI's, and more!

* He got mad at her because she refused to lie and left her laying in the field begging for an ambulance; went to the side of the highway and waved passersby on saying that, "they were fine"
* After a least 30 minutes, while she lay bleeding and in need of an ambulance, he came back to where she was laying on the other side of the truck and tried to make her get up an run

* He told her that the people passing by were sending help; but finally she was able to get him to call 911 to see if help was really on the way; only to hear the operator tell him that no one had called in an accident. 

* She was horrified to hear him tell the operator that "no they did not need an ambulance, his wife only had a belly ache"; all the while screaming to send an ambulance.

In her words: "He wanted me to die!"

Getting Ms. Susan To Help Him

In the Gallery below you will find text message images that Paige Summers sent to Victim #20 to get her to help him with his insurance claim lawsuit. Victim #20 is the same person Paige calls "Ms. Susan" and avers that she is the "Leader of the Scientologists" (See Scientologists section on this site.) One message is regarding what Paige Summers told Victim #23 about "Ms. Susan" being smarter that her and that Paige had been friends with "Ms. Susan" for a longtime; at the time Victim #23 was putting him out of her house on the side of the road. After the accident, Paige Summers encourages Victim #20 to help him for financial gain and promises to provide her power of attorney status to handle his case because he is not capable without her.  She refused to help him, although she continued conversations with Paige via texts to locate his whereabouts in Arizona after the accident and help Victim #12 have him finally arrested on multiple warrants from 2013 in Chandler, AZ; Paige was arrested on 3/16/2020 and was out on bail the next day.

Fact is, the insurance Paige Summers had is only Commercial General Liability Insurance that does not cover the truck he conned Victim #22 to purchase, his or her medical bills, the truck he was towing or the towing expenses. A redacted copy of the policy Paige Summers provided to Victim #20 and others on social media (until he pulled the post down) is in the Gallery below. The insurance is only general liability to cover others damaged while he is working on a job. Victim #23's ability to recover any damages will be determined by her attorney who is dealing with the accident for her; she expects it to be little, if anything at all.

Paige Summers' policy will cover NOTHING for him or his truck.
The address Paige lists on the policy is an old address from a place he left (and did not pay the rent) in early, 2017.

The Incident Report

The report has been redacted for the privacy of those involved in the wreck and otherwise. Notice the "trailer" is the towed bucket truck that Paige Summers avers he has a title, registration and other documented proof that the truck belongs to him. However, the tag on the towed truck showed up with and owner of a different vehicle which is WHY the vin numbers do not match on the report or the invoice Paige Summers posted on social media from Economy Towing. 
The report shows that Paige Summers listed the passenger's phone number as his [in an attempt to keep law enforcement from contacting her direct] and as such, she was not contacted about what happened regarding the accident for more than 30 days after the wreck occured.


Three Things That Don't Add Up

There are reasons that Paige Summers cannot get the bucket truck, can't get a rental vehicle, and is still begging for help walking the streets in AZ pushing Ottis in stroller . . .

  1. NO PROOF OF OWNERSHIP - The bucket truck that Paige Summers has had for a good amount of years HAS NEVER BEEN REGISTERED since being sold in 2007. Without a title, it is hard to register a vehicle in your name. The last information available thru Car Facts shows that there was a lien on the truck in 2007; without paying a vehicle off you can't get a clear title.  According to Victim #12, when she attempted to get the bucket truck registered in Arizona for him, they would not do it because Paige Summers could not prove he owned the truck and the bucket truck had never been registered anywhere to Paige Summers through any Department of Motor Vehicles in any state.  The license plate on the bucket truck at the time of the accident did NOT belong to him; that is WHY THE VIN NUMBERS DON'T MATCH.  The Facebook posts alleging that "something is shady" are correct; his Facebook friends did not know when they posted the comment that the "shady" part was actually Paige Summers in possession of a license plate that he did not have registered to the bucket truck he alleges is his. (See The Con Extraordinaire section and The Art Of The CON on this site to see how it is possible. It is his "MO"; he ends up with vehicles and trailers that he never registers.) UPDATE: 5/4/2020; according to the tow company, PMS had people come with him to pay the tow and storage fees with their credit cards. The AZ DPS told the tow company to release the vehicle to PMS even though he did not have a valid registration or title to the vehicle. Allegedly, the fact that there was no one saying that the bucket truck was stolen, and that PMS has had the truck for a long while, there was no reason to deny him the ability to pay the truck out. As for the license plate that was registered to someone in Tennessee, it appears that they do not know what happened to the plate and exactly when it went missing so a police report was not entered in Tennessee.  
  2. NO VALID DRIVER'S LICENSE - Paige Summers has a history of driving on suspended driver's licenses in multiple states (CO, FL, TN, AZ, TX, OK, etc.) as well as no valid registration for the vehicles. (See the Proof section on this site and the Incident Report and Theft Reports) You cannot rent a car without a valid driver's license and a major credit card. Thus, even if someone is willing to rent a car for him, Paige Summers cannot pick it up legally.  (The reason it never works out.
  3. NO PLACE TO GO - If you read the many text messages, Facebook posts, and other communications between Paige Summers and his victims and/or Facebook friends, you will see the multi-faceted personalities he has: narcissist, sociopath, bipolar.   (These personality disorders have been experienced first-hand by many of the victims. This information is not intended as, nor is it, a violation of any HIPPA laws, and none of the medical records available to his ex-wives are being disclosed.) Paige Summers does not have a "home" in Tennessee as he alleges. He rented a place in Tennessee years ago. For that matter, he does not have a "home" anywhere; he has been living in the bucket truck for a few years now, unless someone buys him a hotel or Air B&B (for a few days, NOT a month). The addresses on his Arizona and Tennessee expired driver's licenses are those of former girlfriends; and the Incident Reports and other documents on this site have addresses where Paige Summers has not resided nor has had permission to use as an address for years. (Addresses have been redacted to protect the people who live there now.) All the alleged "good deeds" he has done to help others have not resulted in his finding help from those people, or a place to call home. Paige Summers goes from Facebook to to to Badoo to prey on women who will take him in; Victim #21 and #23 are the most recent. You cannot pay for a "place to go" if you don't work like the rest of us, pay your bills and keep a job.

On SATURDAY, APRIL 25, 2020:

While begging for money on social media alleging that PMS is destitute, Paige Summers sends the text at the left to Victim #12 showing her the money he has in his posession. Clearly there is a subtantial amount of money in envelope.

With all this money, why is PMS asking others for help on Social Media?

"I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh"
-Proverbs 1:26

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