Who Is Paige Michael Summers?
(fka: Marty Ray Scott; Scooter Scott)

Check out what his victims have discovered . . . It is much more complicated than 1, 2, 3: 


Warrants and Thefts in Multiple States 

FL has open assault warrants out for PMS (see Victims #15, #16 and #17)

NC has an open theft warrant out for PMS for stealing a custom roadster golf cart and more (re Victim #1)

WA has multiple warrants filed for PMS for possession of stolen firearms as a felon (re Victim #20)

TN has a stolen firearms report open re PMS stealing two guns (1 was recovered in WA re Victim #20)

WA State Highway Patrol put stolen Truck and Trailer in NCIC in early 2018 (Truck was recovered completely trashed/trailer sold by PMS—see Victim #20) 

(See the Proof Section of this site for documentation)


Professed Atheist

See PMS's "My Life" information overview and the Facebook profile of his Atheist mentor below. PMS often posts on social media and has told many of the victims that "he prays for no one". (See more below)


PMS Did NOT Run Away From an Orphanage and 
PMS Did NOT Have to Learn to Walk and Talk Again 

These are just a few of the made up stories from his past that PMS uses to make people feel sorry for his rough life. (See more below) Fact is that if he would keep a job and work he would not have to beg using unbelieveable stories of his (self-inflicted) consequences. Many people have helped PMS and become one of his many victims.   

The Truth About Paige Summers

Broken into categories are behaviors and information about PMS/MRS that Victims on this site have experienced first-hand, have first-hand knowledge about, and have come to understand and believe. Each has been shortened to help others get a quick overview of the many facets behind the truth.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA PREDATOR - PMS pursues unsuspecting women via Facebook, Zoosk.com, Match.com, and Badoo (although there may be more) and uses various untrue stories to get the women to give him money; alleges a life-long-partner and soulmate relationships and promises marriage; persuades them to give PMS access to cars, trucks, trailers, horses, credit cards and other assets and then takes off (when reported as stolen by the women, PMS says he was given permission and that they are in a relationship which does away with criminal charges/pursuit and forces civil recovery which is not possible as PMS does not reside in any one place or state for very long and getting executable jurisdiction on PMS becomes impossible which causes unrecoverable losses by PMS’s victims.)   In just six weeks (2/14/20-3/24/20) PMS has preyed on the following three Victims (#21, #22 and #23) and since then continues to prey on even more women on Facebook and other social media. 
  • ONLINE FUNDRAISER AND FOR SALE ITEMS - There are many fundraiser and stolen property for sale scams wherein PMS raises money with social media (including selling stolen property in Colorado and New Mexico which belonged to Victim #20; and other stolen / borrowed property.) Plus PMS preys on the heart strings of people who love animals using stories about Ottis being sick, hungry or dying. Posts are extensive but a few are in the Gallery below:  Social Media Earth Angels Helping Hands Scam (July 26, 2019)—one of many attempts; Corona Virus Get Me Home Scam (April 4, 2020)—another set of lies about the 2/29/2020 Accident and the Scientologists
  • RAPE - PMS is alleged to have raped a 15 yr old girl in AZ who is the daughter of a victim, a victim in a WA hotel, and a few other victims who are still afraid of him.  The women that are vicims on this site have avoided the embarrassment they would suffer as businesswomen and in front of their families by just trying to get him out of their lives forever.  Until the victims meet each other along the way they think that they were the only ones. It is unknown as to whether or not there are any others.
  • ORDERS OF PROTECTION AND RESTRAINING ORDERS IN MULTIPLE STATES - PMS has a trail of domestic violence incidents wherein orders of protection and restraining orders have been entered against him. (See the Proof section on this site.) UPDATE 5/7/2020: Victims #20 and #23 have active OP cases against Paige Summers.
  • SEXUAL MISCONDUCT - PMS sends the same pictures of his genitals to various women; and has requested naked  photos be sent to him; has sent lude pictures of women to others without permission. (Email to receive a copy of the one where he is wearing a pink boa and red hat society top hat dancing in his birthday suit.  PMS says, "[He] is too sexy for his clothes!") The photo will be released for need-to-know-purposes only.   
  • SPOOF'S PHONE NUMBER / EMAILS - Sends text and email messages as another person and from other person’s numbers with sexy comments, naked photo requests, and please respond messages, etc. (See the Scientologist section on this site)
  • THREATENING AND HARASSING TEXT MESSAGES  - PMS sends threatening and harassing text messages to his victims to intimidate them into doing what he wants, or to keep them from pursuing PMS after victimizing them. PMS also plays victims against each other to undo the confidences between them, wear them out and keep victims from supporting each other toward stopping PMS. Then, months and years later, PMS contacts his victims again and again, and will often show up at their homes unannounced and uninvited. (See the various sections on this site.
  • UNUSUAL TRAITS - PMS always wears latex gloves under leather gloves . PMS alleges he was in a coma from being kicked in the head by a horse and that he had to learn how to walk and read and function again which is not true whatsoever. (Victims #1, #3 and #12 who have firsthand knowledge to the contrary.) The hair from the mane of the alleged horse that PMS displays hanging from his belt loop can be purchased from tack stores nationwide and needs to be replaced periodically because the hair falls out or is snipped off.  PMS uses meth, drinks liquor by the gallon, and takes opioids—some of which PMS gets from drug dealers, prescriptions, and other people’s prescriptions—and smokes weed in various forms whether or not it is legal in the state where he may be. PMS alleges he is a retired US Marshall (See Victim #1 and many of his victims also know the truth) which is not the case.  PMS falsifies social media information about himself stating he has a college degree, etc.  PMS is very high-strung, proclaims suicidal tendencies, will not stay anywhere long. PMS uses his bulldog (named Ottis; who PMS stole years ago from Victim #12 when they broke up) to lure women and obtain money from social media. PMS recently received a drug shipment from known drug dealer in Oregon at Victim #23‘s house. PMS has not paid any taxes on money earned for years (per Victims #2, #3 and #12) and has IRS tax liens filed against him in multiple states.   
  • MULTIPLE SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS, DATES OF BIRTH AND ALIAS NAMES - PMS has multiple identifing numbers and names. The information has been redacted on many of the reports for a few reasons. Victims and members of law enforcement, are encouraged to contact us via email.) PMS is listed in NCIC as both Marty Ray Scott and Paige Michael Summers - Level 3 NCIC information will tie the two names together.  
  • ARRESTED IN ARIZONA 3/16/2020 - PMS was arrested on numerous FTA/FTP warrants from Chandler, AZ including DUI and possession of drug paraphernalia from 2013 and an assault charge for running Victim #12’s body into her house with her own pickup truck. The assault charge waw dropped on a technicality from a prior administration; but the statute of limitations has not run out yet and the assault charge is being refiled when the COVID-19 pandemic is over. PMS is currently out on bail; originally paid by Victim #23; which she revoked a few days later after learning more about PMS. (See the Proof section)
  • STATE AND FEDERAL PRISON ID NUMBERS -  PMS has inmate numbers from prisions in Tennessee and Texas and has been arrested in Colorado, Missouri, Arizona. (See the Gallery for arrest reports. We are NOT posting the numbers on this site.  Victims and members of law enforcement, are encouraged to contact us via email.)
  • MULTIPLE INFRACTIONS OF DRIVING WITHOUT A VALID LICENSE, FAILURE TO APPEAR, DUI, NO VEHICLE REGISTRATION, NO LICENSE PLATE - PMS has stories from his license plate blew off while working in a hurricane to someone stole his paperwork from his truck to PMS is a first responder returning home and he lost his paperwork to he was working and it expired and he could not get back home to get it updated. Victims have copies of his expired licenses from multiple states; each of which shows an unauthorized address of a victim or a place he has not be to in years. (See Proof Section)
  • TWIC CLEARANCE, FEMA AND FIRST RESPONDER CREDENTIALS  - PMS continues to allege that he could not be a first responder, work for FEMA or have TWIC clearance if he was a felon, wanted in so many states and not otherwise an upstanding individual. The TWIC card is extremely old and has not been renewable (See the Gallery below). FEMA does not employ PMS directly; any work he does where FEMA is involved has been performed through sub-contractors PMS gets to employ him. Any government agency that employs someone has access to IRS liens. When PMS claims that he is a First Responder being mistreated by victims and others who refuse to help him via social media outlets, he leads people to believe that he is equivilent to fire-fighters who must fight a fire while the fire is raging. Remember, PMS is a cable splicer and is not near high-voltage power. Cable splicers go into to areas that need upgrading or repair (sometimes after a storm) to repair services for internet and cable tv. Although internet opens up communications after a storm, it is not an essential first-responder job.  (Victim #2, #3, #4 and #12 have all worked in the cable industry with PMS at some point and they have each said that PMS has not worked the Yarnell fires, has not been a fireman, and has only worked the storms he alleges after they were over. PMS is definately NOT a first-responder in the true sense of the title.)

There are so many of the stories that PMS tells about his life that are NOT true including that "he has no family". PMS is the only boy of 5 siblings. One of his sisters died, and the others have little or nothing to do with him because of the things that PMS has done to them. He will say that his mother is dead; yet there is a photo below of her and one of his sisters taken recently.

PMS was not raised by nuns, he was not beaten by foster parents, and he was definately not raised in an orphanage. He did run away from home as a teenager and was a handful for his mother. 

PMS claims to be a Christian God-loving person who does no wrong to anyone. Often PMS posts on social media that he has "forgiven those that have stolen his property from him" and when someone one says that they are praying for him, PMS refuses prayer for himself and says, "pray for Ms. Susan and the Russian".  PMS even asked "WHY?" someone on Facebook was praying for him. Sometimes he says, "thank you" on social media but the victims have heard his speech all too often: "I don't pray, so don't waste your prayers on me."  PMS takes pictures of Ottis sleeping on the Bible; but victims know PMS never quotes the Bible correctly; professes he is too reading challenged to read the Bible; and hides behind a Christian facade to get women to let their guard down as part of his ploy to get something he wants from them. (A snapshot of PMS' Atheist Mentor is in the Gallery section below.)

PMS professes to be an ordained minister.   What minister do you know that when faced with adversity does NOT turn to the Word of God, profess with his mouth the scriptures of hope, ask for prayer from others and pray openly for those who need prayer?  As you review this site and the texts and posts made by PMS that he thought only a victim would see privately or being that he had removed them quickly so that there would be no record of his nasties . . . you will find the answer.  

PMS is a person who will tell you what he wants you to know, and what you want to hear; especially women. Often PMS posts that he has not been with anyone since 2014; attempts to convince women that he has selected them as the special one for him; proposes marriage to multiple women (including past victims) at the same time. Then, on a dime, PMS will turn on those he is charming and calls them cunts, witches, bitches, whores, scum and more! (See the Gallery sections on this site - for better understanding, the site is being updated to show the Victim # that the text message or photo relates to by hovering over it or viewing it.)

PMS rarely answers questions directly unless he wants to because he does not want you to be able to put together the underlying truth of his posts on social media. Those who have followed any of his posts for any length of time will notice that PMS often changes the subject, changes his story, ignores the question completely, or answers a question with a completely unrelated answer. For example: A few people were willing to pay for a car rental for PMS and when they directly asked if PMS had a valid license, he ignored the question. His answer was, "I dont have the money for the deposit" and when he was told that they would pay the deposit too, and reasked the question, "Do you have a valid driver's license?"  PMS ignored the question and said, "it did not work out" - because PMS did not want people to KNOW his license was suspended. Many of the victims on this site will tell you that he does not want the car; PMS wants the money. And, no matter if he says so, PMS will not leave the area where the bucket truck is and leave his stuff behind.

And then there are the stories PMS tells to one past victim about another one like the texts PMS sent to Victim #12 about Victim #20 in March 2020 - the message includes lies about what Victim #20 is telling people; but the message also mentions a "cadillac and camper" belonging to him and Victim #12 (she never owned the cadillac or the camper, and neither did PMS, they were stolen) and he alleges that [Victim #20] has [PMS's] truck, RV, red trailer, and the Cadillac? (See the black reverse messages below) Fact is: the truck [belonging to Victim #20] was recovered by the Colorado Sheriff, the RV is sitting in Pagosa Springs area of Colorado at the property of Omar (an illegal alien) who paid PMS $5,000 for the red trailer (which was stolen from Victim #20) until PMS returns with a title to the RV (which of course PMS does not have) so that Omar can pay PMS for the RV.  Omar has not been identified by the CO Sheriff because those who knows where he is with the stolen property will not talk.  (See the Gallery below: PMS is advertising the red trailer for sale that he continues to allege Victim #20 stole from him?)

At the same time PMS is posting that he needs a place to stay and a rental car and help for him and Ottis, he sent Victim #12 the text message below showing her how much money PMS has and says that he would of helped her!

The MyLife images in the Gallery below may at a quick glance appear to be duplicates. Look closely, many of the charges are on the same day but they are different charges.
The black reverse text boxes show PMS alleging that Victim #12 lost her Cadillac and trailer to Victim #20. Victim #12 attests that she never had a Cadillac or trailer and that neither was registered to PMS and she doesn't know to whom they belong. 

You may be surprised to discover about what the Victims truly want for Paige Summers

. . . even after all he has done to them and all they have lost.

"Repent therefore of this thy wickedness, and pray God, if perhaps the thought of thine heart may be forgiven thee."  -Acts 8:22

Consider the fact that everytime someone responds to the conning ways of Paige Summers, it keeps him from having no choice but to turn his heart and sole toward God. Nothing will change in his life until PMS changes his life to the person he professes to be, which is only possible with God.   

Each of the victims of Paige Summers are good-hearted people who also know that God will judge everyone. These victims have a sincere desire that the wickedness they have experienced at the hand of Paige Summers would be washed away with his true repentence . . . NOT the empty fancy words he posts on social media, or the manipulative apologies he spews when he needs something; even years later, as if nothing happened. Truth be known, each of them would gladly help him get the treatment he desperately needs, and show him Christian love. Victims pray for Paige Summers and for their healing; even after forgiving him for what he has done. No victim wants to see the final wrath of God upon Paige Summers head.  This site is not to hassle or hurt PMS. It is an act of grace directed to warn and hopefully save women from suffering any part of what they have. Sadly, some will appreciate the effort, and others will have to feel the pain to believe. Proverbs 1:7  If you want to speak with the victims, please email.  Thank you.

" 24 Because I have called, and ye refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded;

25 But ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would none of my reproof:

26 I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh;

27 When your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you.

28 Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me:

29 For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the Lord:

30 They would none of my counsel: they despised all my reproof.

31 Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own devices.

32 For the turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them." -Proverbs 1:24-32  KJV

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"Truth is an absolute defense to libel claims, because one of the elements that must be proven in a defamation suit is falsity of the statement. If a statement is true, it cannot be false, and therefore, there is no prima facie case of defamation."

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