The Truth About The Recovery Ranch

"Paige Summers was NEVER a business partner or a financial contributor to the ranch project. He simply had an opportunity to work with the horses and participate in activities. That all was blown away when PMS stole her red truck and more and went rogue on the run." -Victim #20

Paige Summers has demonstrated to victims and contributors to this site the classic personality traits of a narcissist "who will often take upon other people’s character traits and achievements; often to the degree of mimicking, plagiarizing, stealing, and being a fraud, all while defaming and belittling others". This is meant to destroy the credibility of their victims while appearing to be more competent themselves. This provides a handy distraction from what is really going on.
Sadly, THIS is what Paige Summers has done in regard to his claims
about The Recovery Ranch project.
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"An abusive narcissist who steals, lies and cons people
 does't make them any less of an abuser, thief, liar or con!"
-The Victims

Victim #20 and Paige Summer's sister are pictured above on the deck of the house on the property that what was to be called "Dragonfly Ranch" in Washington.

Curious why PMS' sister was pictured at the ranch?  Victim #20 was contacted in desperation by his sister when PMS was threatening her with being arrested for stealing a cellphone from him; which he gave to her as a gift!  Later, after Paige Summers went rogue, Victim #20 gave her (whom PMS called his "worthless sister") a job where she worked and performed her duties very well.

The ranch was never actually purchased by Victim #20; although she made an offer to the owners of the property. After an offer was accepted on a different ranch property in Washington, Victim #20 decided to move the ranch project to her home state of Tennessee.

Paige Summers was long gone with her red truck and trailer when the offers were made. He was not a signer or an intended business partner; he had no financial means or business expertise. A few months before, Paige Summers was offered an opportunity to work at something he alleged he was an expert at; but he went rogue way before the ranch project property was pursued.  (Although at one point he followed her to Washington and tried to get her Realtor to take him to the property alleging he was her fiance'" while she was away working. To the contrary, PMS alleged to Mama "T" that "Ms. Susan" was his business partner.) Yet, PMS contends that "The Scientologist Leader" stole the property and its assets from him? 

Mama "T" was one of the first people Victim #20 spoke with in Washington state when trying to locate Paige Summers who showed up in Enumclaw driving her stolen red truck. It was a few weeks after Mama "T" met PMS that she got a phone call from Victim #20.

HERE IS PART OF A TEXT MESSAGE PMS SENT TO VICTIM #20 when she confronted PMS about falsely telling people that she was his business partner in the Recovery Ranch project:  (It is posted in the exact words, spelling and grammar as texted in the message to her from PMS.)

"Admit it girl thru all this you still get the facts rite so your sources are wrong I told no one you were my business partner however you can quote me on this what I have said to every person I have spoken with in Enumclaw that my fiance Susie is the money on this and brag on you so much that I keep you high on a pedestal  . . .  I by the way I can forward some of the Messages from the them reefing to to excited to meeting you" -Paige Summers

(Important note: See Victim #20 in The Victims section on this site for the truth. She was never really his fiance' either. Today, PMS says that Victim #20 wanted him, and PMS did not want her nasty old ****, and that is why Victim #20 is lying about him and taking everythng that belonged to him. All 3 stories as told by PMS are lies.)

Mama "T" had it figured out; things were not adding up!  This story seems so unbelieveable (especially to outsiders who have not been directly involved with Paige Summers as a con); but, Mama "T" is not so easily fooled, nor is her husband. They had even run a background check to see who PMS really was shortly before Victim #20 called her to ask if she knew Paige Summers. Once Mama "T" and Victim #20 began talking, the real story came out:

Paige Summers was not Victim #20's fiance' or her business partner. PMS had no money to pay for coffee let alone a ranch. PMS was not a retired US Marshal. PMS does have a family; Mama "T" met his sister. PMS had Victim #20's credit card number and details needed to use it written on a legal pad. (Mama "T" actually snapped a picture of it on her phone unbeknownst to him.) PMS was mean to Ottis, the bulldog. PMS was not who he claimed to be. "It all made sense, once we talked." Mama "T" explained.

Mama "T" does not qualify as a "victim" in the ways of the others on this site. She was spared losing money, spared being conned, and spared any real relationship with PMS. But she was not spared being spun into his web of deceit. PMS used her home address to have a $600 Gift Card from Amazon mailed to him; the gift card belonged to Victim #20.  The gift card was returned to Victim #20 to be returned to Amazon; even afterwhich PMS kept trying to retrieve the gift card from Mama "T".  And, it was Mama "T" that PMS contacted to hide him from the law who was trying to find him in Washington with the red truck PMS said belonged to him. Of course, Mama "T" did not reply to PMS.

Through it all, Mama "T" has had a heart for the many women PMS has conned. Most of all, she hurts for Ottis. "He is such an awesome bulldog, and Ottis does not deserve the life he has had to live in a truck or on the street being pushed in a stroller by a guy that mistreats him," she explains. "I even offered to buy Paige Summers food for Ottis, and PMS cussed me, called me nasty names, and would not even walk across the parking lot to the pet store to pick it up."

(See For the Love of Ottis section on this site.) 

No Horseman Afterall . . .

This video was taken by Victim #23 shortly after 2/29/2020 accident. What happened just after the video was taken, PMS jumped on the young horse to train her to accept a rider. . . ruining 2 years of slowly built trust with her owner. "He is no horseman!" . . . and it is a blessing PMS did not have the opportunity to work at the ranch. 

By the time an offer was made on the ranch property by Victim #20, Paige Summers had gone rogue stealing her red truck and more. Try as he might to convince others that PMS was Victim #20's fiance' or business partner, the opportunity for him to participate was blown away.
Today, PMS alleges that Victim #20 took the ranch property unjustly, his alleged home and everything else out from under him, and that she was only an investor in his project.
And if you believe PMS' story, you will believe . . . 
"there is ocean front property FREE for you in Arizona!" 
" Thou art weighed in the balances; and art found wanting - Daniel 5:27  KJV

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"Truth is an absolute defense to libel claims, because one of the elements that must be proven in a defamation suit is falsity of the statement. If a statement is true, it cannot be false, and therefore, there is no prima facie case of defamation."

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